Personal Development – Reflection

Final animation: Audio from Jenna Marbles YouTube video – I Gave Myself A Claire’s Makeover:   Reflection: This was a refreshing and fun project to work on. I was able to develop my 2D animation skills by bringing in performance, lip-sync, audio and principles into one 8 second animation. I am very happy withContinue reading Personal Development – Reflection

Personal Development Project – Post-Production

Once my animation was finished, I started to think about the visual and colours for the scene. I also made sure I had different versions on my work saved on multiple files so If I lose anything I can go backwards. For example, my first photoshop file has only the line-art final animation. My secondContinue reading Personal Development Project – Post-Production

Personal Development Project – Production

Now that I have chosen my audio clip it is time to do some research on how I would like to approach the performance of the animation. Below is the audio clip script written down for reference. Script: CH 1: ‘Does that feel good though?’ CH 2: ‘Yeah I kinda feel dope right now.’ CHContinue reading Personal Development Project – Production

Personal Development Project – Pre-production

In this personal development project I am required to animate a scene┬áto improve and build on my personal practice and development. I may use audio to influence performance/acting. I can use audio lines, music and sound fx to do this. Within this project I am required to research a style of animation to try out,Continue reading Personal Development Project – Pre-production