Once my animation was finished, I started to think about the visual and colours for the scene. I also made sure I had different versions on my work saved on multiple files so If I lose anything I can go backwards.

For example, my first photoshop file has only the line-art final animation. My second file will include this and my colouring, and my third file has my rough sequences and thumbnails. This helps to ensure I have saved my work multiple times, and my files won’t become too big to work on or download.

File 1







File 2







File 3








After this, I wanted to design a simple background. Like before, I imagined this audio is something that could take place in a dressing room, trying on wacky clothes. So I looked for a simple dressing room reference to go from, that also fit the same perspective as how my characters are standing.

These references worked very well and in this specific perspective. I also liked the yellowish tone of the images as seen in most dressing rooms, giving that sense of familiarity.













With the reference I painted this dressing room. After this I ended up adding small details to the back like a hanger and some slippers, then added into the Photoshop file.




This is how the background looks with the image sequence of my line-art animation applied.





In my own time, I painted a piece of the two characters, I decided I could use this to reference my colour scheme in the animation.











I painted the animation on a separate video layer for each character. I went over them in one solid colour then coloured them same as the reference drawing.










I wanted to give them their flower prints on their shirts so I went back to animate them on. While doing this I went over the colouring one more time to see if it was neat and in the line-art.








Since the mouths are in a different pace than the rest of the animation, I had to make a new video layer to paint them.








I added some more touches and polishes to the animation such as cleaning up any off-looking line-art, some colour alterations, and to the flowers on the shirts as I animated them differently to the original animation.

After all this, I had finished my animation. The result is below.


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