Reflecting Semester 1

Here I will be reflecting on my work during Year 1 Semester 1 of my Animation course.


Form and shape: Form and shape was the first topic we learnt. We practiced our drawing skills by drawing lines, circles and shapes. We drew in constructive lines in these shapes. This allowed for clear interpretation of the object. we experimented with this by drawing a flour sacks form. Form and shape was interesting as I have never properly studied it before. I feel I did well capturing the flour sack, but I need more practice with coming up with my own shape and form and making it work. In the future, this will help how I structure my drawings.


Composition and Perspective: Composition and perspective was the next topic we learnt. We studied how composition is in everything we see, so we took pictures of things around us with clear composition and perspective forms. Then we took screenshots from three animated shots and found their perspectives in either one, two or three point perspective lines. Composition and perspective has always difficult for me to figure out even during this lesson. I liked finding the perspectives in animated shots but was struggling in making my own perspective from a drawing. In the future, this will help me create a composed environment or scene that is realistic.


Tone and Value: Tone and value was the next topic we learnt. We experimented with the brightness and darkness captured in an element. We made multiple thumbnails of environments implementing the fundamentals; depth, range and texture. Tone and value was quite fun to work on and I enjoyed doing the environmental thumbnails, but I sometimes have trouble with capturing two different elements together that have the same tone. In the future, this will help me with capturing the right light/dark forms in an element.


Colour theory: Colour theory was the next topic we learnt. We learnt about the combinations, meanings and emotions of colour, then we implemented colour into a sketch drawing to show a certain emotion. we also picked out an environmental study we did a while ago and gave it the colour that best represents the environment. We also picked three animated shots and studied its colour and how it impacts the scene. Colour theory was fun to work with, I liked blending and using multiple colours in a piece, but I had trouble shading these colours also. In the future, this will help me pick out the right colours for the right emotion.


Character design: Character design was the next topic we learnt. We learnt about the structure of a character and how we can make it unique by finding its shape and form in silhouettes, experimenting with clothing, and finding their personality in their looks and movements. I made character designs for my world project, and studied three music artists I know, and characterised them based on their personality and looks. This was a challenge for me to do. I liked drawing the characters once I knew what I was drawing, however it took me a while to actually design the characters. In the future, this will help me design my own characters based on different kinds of personalities and traits.


Animation basics: Animation basics was the next topic we learnt. We focused more on timing and spacing, where we practiced animation with a coloured ball. We were to focus on adding more keyframes as the ball is floating in the air, and less when it is falling down or bouncing up. This gives the illusion of a bouncing ball. we practiced this with three kinds of balls such as a ping pong ball/bowling ball. I liked working on this topic. It was enjoyable drawing out the frames and seeing the animation move, however I had trouble getting the timing just right for the momentum of the ball falling and bouncing. In the future, this will help me time my movements right in my animations.


Storyboarding: Storyboarding was the next topic we learnt. We studied storyboards and how they serve the staging and anticipation of a scene. We made a storyboard for a flour sack sequence to practice the exaggeration and where important actions should be presented. We made another storyboard for our world project to tell its story in a simple animation. I really enjoyed storyboarding. I liked how I could exaggerate each frame and how it didn’t have to be so detailed, however there were times I had to change parts because the actions were too difficult to animate. In the future, this will help me structure my animation sequence and tell a story.


Animatics: Animatics was the next topic we learnt. We went back to our storyboards and brought it into a moving image. We used software to draw out our frames and put them together, making sure the timing is right and the staging is in the right place. I really enjoyed this topic also. I liked placing my frames together and adding the effects, however it took some experimenting and redo-ing to make sure the animatic looked good enough to reference when animating the real thing. In the future, this will help me find what sequences work and doesn’t work when taking from a storyboard.


Animating effects/animals: Lastly we quickly learnt about Animating animals and 2D effects. We use both an animal and effects in our final animation. I learnt about the main positions of an animal walking cycle, weight transferral, and where their limbs are placed when animals walk. I also learnt about the elements such as water, fire and smoke that require different ways to capture their presence such as, the irregular flames of fire, how smoke rises fast then slows down, and how water could have multiple actions based on what hit the water etc. I found these interesting to study and they helped out in our animation. I had fun animating flashing lights and a cats tail. In the future, these will help capture the presence of elements and animals.


Overall I am proud of myself for what I have achieved. I have learnt lots over these past few weeks and I can only get better at my work from here and towards the future. The teachings in this module has helped me become more aware of how I create my work and how to strengthen my creations with proper and logical ideas. I am excited to see what I can achieve next in this course. I have improved since I started, and these lessons will continue to help me develop my skills and produce new ideas for the future.

Week 13

During this week I had finally completed my full animation part for our Create a World project. It was a challenging, difficult project but I created something I am quite proud of. I know there are parts I could improve on such as the perspectives, running cycles, and frame placing. However, from this experience, I will be able to strengthen my skills and work for projects in the future. I am excited to see what I can do next with everything I have learnt in this semester.

As soon as I finished my part I got in contact with my group again to see where everyone was. We all added in sound effects which we thought suited our environment and later on picked a soundtrack to go with the action-filled sequence.

Here is my final animation sequence for the Cyberpunk world.


And here is our full animation with my groups work included!

Cyberpunk World – Week 12

During week 12 we have been working hard on our animation parts and making sure were always communicating where we are so we can bring them together and finish our video.

During this week I finished the overall movements of the sequence and I did the base colouring. There is much more to add later on such as shading, the cats tail and the flashing police lights. I will start working on these small touches after the presentation day is passed.


Cyberpunk World – Week 11

During week 11 we have been busy working on our animations. So far I have completed a portion of the running cycle for our main character. I have also added in the background and other background movements like the side character and the flashing screen. I have yet to add in the cyborg cat, I decided that I would add it in as soon as I had finished the running sequence. This is a clip of what I have so far:


We took a one-to-one tutorial this week for the tutors to help us out and answer any questions that we had. I talked to Aodhan and he have me some great feedback and advice for the bits of animation I had completed so far. This is the feedback he had sent to me:

Make his stop and turn more panicked and less casual. Fix the perspective on the left hand building, foreshorten the open apartment bit. Push the depth a bit more by making your skyscrapers lighter. Make him a little bit bigger as he comes towards the screen. Line thickness for your BG to help with depth. Thicker lines in FG.

With this information I took the time to edit and polish up anything I needed to work on. I started by redoing my background. I made sure I didn’t spend too much time on it, though I worked hard to fix my perspective and give it a more effective look. I used photoshop’s star tool to make perspective lines. I also took note to make the lines thicker in the foreground and thinner in the distant. As a result my background looks much better and still fits well with what I have already animated. I noticed this is a big improvement from my first few experiments with the background which I am pleased with. It takes a lot of practice to get the hang of perspectives.



I have also been working on the main character and his response to the danger coming towards him. I redid my sketch sequence (at the start of the video) to give a more panicked, sloppy running effect. this guided me to edit some of my frames to the new poses and therefore achieve a more engaging running sequence. Although I was liking how the running sequence was looking, it just wasn’t giving the right emotion that we were going for. this improvement will help the audience to understand what is going on and what emotion it is showing.


Cyberpunk World – Week 10

In my group we worked hard to fix up our animatics and plan out our next steps.

Firstly, I updated the storyboard that includes ideas from all of us in the group. We discussed what we could and couldn’t do and decided on what I have here. This is what we will continue to follow in our animatics, and final animations. 


Next, I updated my animatic based on the feedback I was given by my tutors. This time I focused a lot more on the background setting, making sure that it felt natural and it connects with Ben’s animatic part before me. It now looks much stronger and can fit the three main focuses of the scene in good space.

Again these were the references I used to complete this. This includes a chase scene that inspired me and a running reference that helped with my sequence:

Running sequence –

Chase scene example –


After finishing my animatic, I designed a model sheet of the main character and the cyborg cat for everyone to use in their final animations – this will help keep our style repetitive throughout the animation. Original cat design by past member Jodie.


We also decided to work on the backgrounds in our parts with the references we collected, to finalise our background designs. The references I used for my background are below.

These are some of my attempts in designing my background. I need some of the scene colours to connect with the kind of colours Ben had chose so it would connect. As soon as we get to communicate again, I will present my background and fix up anything if it is out of place or in the wrong colour scheme etc.

Cyberpunk World – Week 9

In our groups we continued to discuss the animation we can do and how it will be done. We were to separate our scenes into parts so each of us in the group can animate a certain sequence. Our animation will be split into four parts, so Ben has taken the first sequence, I have taken the second, Rachael will do the third and John will do the last sequence. Doing this will help to understand exactly what were animating.

We managed to gather everyones animatic part in our group and put it all together in one sequence to present.

This is my addition to the animation sequence:

In this part I wanted to include one of the character I designed a few weeks ago. I felt like they fit in the scene of a small alleyway. I made sure the scenery looked like the theme of cyberpunk and added details such as electronics, signs, tubes etc. We also discussed as a group that we do not have enough time to design police characters so we came up with the idea that flashing lights will show to give the implication that they are the police and they are chasing the main character and his cat.


This was our first draft for our animatic:

When put together there were parts that we figured we should clean up. We got feedback from our tutors and we now see where we can make our animatic stronger. We will be starting to clean up our animatics, make concepts and final background designs, make a model sheet of the characters and then finally start animating.

Cyberpunk World – Week 6/7/8

Cyberpunk World week 6 -7 was during our mid-term so we took this time to focus on our other work. In week 8 we were told to choose our favourite world to work on for the rest of the project. I chose to stay on the Cyberpunk world. In this group we had myself, Ben, John and Rachael. These new teammates were part of the original group so it was easy for me to explain on what they missed.

We started to discuss what we could animate in our world; how it correlates to the story, what actions it will have etc. We settled for a scene where the main character is being chased by the police of the cyberpunk city. I wrote this paragraph to help me with the structure of the story, to develop into drawings in my storyboard.

‘The thief and his cat peeks out then crawls out of a pothole (where he goes to hide) he is noticed by the police and blue lights start flashing. He picks up his cat and starts to run. He sprints around a corner of a building to cut off the police authority from chasing them. Both the thief and the cat jump onto a downwards escalator and slide down to the lower ground. This gives them plenty of time to jump back into another pothole, back in contact with his hiding spot, not to be seen again.’

Here is my storyboard take. I made sure that each scene and key frame is clear and understandable for me and my group if we choose to use a storyboard like this. I made sure to add a note of what frame rate we can make this into (12fps). each row is made for each of us in the group as there are four of us. Also, using post-it notes to complete this was more efficient and fun for me to make the storyboard with.


After some feedback from my lecturers and more discussion with my teammates, I updated my storyboard to show ideas from my teammates that when put together, flows a lot better.

Cyberpunk World – Week 5

In week 5, I did not change groups so I had more time to work on the Cyberpunk World. In this group we had myself, Simas, Dan and Jodie. With our new teammates, we discussed to them the overview of the world and showed our miro board. As a result we developed our ideas with the teammates that just joined.




This week we worked on Character Design. This gave us the opportunity to really work on our characters in this world. We had many ideas we wanted to produce. Etc. Cyborg animals, Elite/gang bosses, protagonists from poor side of city. I decided to work on two possible protagonists from the poor side of the city. Last week I already made some ideas for what they could look like but now I got the opportunity to really build on each character. Like who they are, what their name is, what do they do, how do they act etc. I filled in some character info templates to build on these characters before I start designing them. This will prompt me on how their design/clothes/features will resemble the actual person and what they do.


After this, I collected a few reference images of what I found suited the aesthetic, features and styles of the characters Im working on. This immensely helped when designing clothes and facial features. Picking out these reference photos also helped to think about important features that would tie the characters personality together etc. Lilith likes crafting, so she would wear a work belt to put her tools in.

I started off with Lilith. Here I worked on the silhouette of the character and find her distinguishing shapes and forms that stand out. I sketched out these forms and added in ideas for clothing for her to wear. I also did some facial experiments with the help of the references of peoples faces. I tried out different emotions and reactions to see how it would fit the style I drew in.

Finally I completed some detailed experiments of the finished character. I designed her in three different outfits. This part helped me find what colours suited her personality and what little details and touches would enhance her personality. This included the dirt on her face and clothes, the goggles to keep her safe when crafting, her work belt to store tools, little bits of bright colours to represent her bright personality, etc.


I moved onto the next character, again making silhouettes to find the distinctive shapes and forms, moving on to finding different clothes for them to wear. Then I experimented with emotions and reactions in this style I created to see what fits.

Here I finished some detailed experiments of my second character. Again this helped me find what colours suited his personality and what little details and touches would enhance his personality. This included the casual, dark clothes, the bag, the wrist bands to protect him while he climbs buildings, the hints of yellow to add to his ambitious emotion etc.

Again, these are possible character designs and may or may not be used. However, the process of being able to design characters anyway is a fun challenge and from doing this task, it will help me out a lot the next time I tackle character design.

Cyberpunk World – Week 4

During week 4, I got switched to the next group, Cyberpunk world. In this group we had myself, Jennifer, Lucy, and Simas. We were paired up with this group to discuss the overall idea of how this Cyberpunk world. Since all the original teamates of this world had moved away, none of us really knew what the world was about. We planned out our own take on the world with the information we could find from their group chat. We started a Miro board and put down all our ideas.

After doing this we had a solid idea for the Cyberpunk world while trying to stick to what the past teammates had first planned also. We wrote an overview of the world so new teammates for next week can understand clearly our world idea. 



As a group we discussed a lot about the design such as the characters, the cyborg animals and the antagonists. I chose to focus on possible main/side protagonist characters to see what I could come up with. Since this week we were working on colour theory, I added colour into my pieces to experiment with how the world would look in colour. This development of the characters really helped to find where we were and continue with the rest of the world.

I also did some extra colour thumbnails to grasp the overall feel of the world, what colours would we see most, what scenes may occur, what emotion it gives etc.

Bioluminescence World – Week 3

During week 3, I got switched into another group. This group developed the idea of a Bioluminescence world. In this group we had myself, Alex, Jennifer, Jodie and Nathan. When me and Nathan switched, we immediately got paired up with the next group and started talking about what their world was about to us. We discussed our own ideas and takes on the world and discussed what we can develop on. We went back to brainstorm and helped this group develop their plot and motive of their world. As a result, we gathered ideas for main characters, a solid storyline of how this world began, and little touches on the bioluminescence creatures the group first designed.

This world is based on the aftermath of how humans had used too many radioactive resources to destroy the earth, killing off most humans. Aliens had entered this world and plans to restore it to full health. The world is dark and gloomy but bioluminescent colours shine through the mutated nature, plants and creatures. One stranded alien meets a group of human survivors that offer to help them get back home.

Our group met for another discussion to talk more about the overall idea and what the story should focus on. As a result we came up with an overview paragraph that will help newcomers switching to this group to grasp the idea of this world easily and bring their ideas and concepts in. This really helped me and Nathan familiarise ourselves with this world concept.


For week 3 homework, we were set to create 6 thumbnail studies of our world focusing on what we just learnt – tone/value. We were to consider implementing the value change aspects into our work etc. the range of colours, the texture, the depth of field.


After this, we were to choose our favourite thumbnail and illustrate a larger / longer focus study combining composition and tone. I picked out the sixth thumbnail as I thought it would best suit the overall theme of the world. It includes the main characters and specks of their personalities showing through, the bioluminescent plants in the background shining through, and the dull and dying land and tree that represents how the world had been affected.

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