Personal Development – Reflection

Final animation:

Audio from Jenna Marbles YouTube video – I Gave Myself A Claire’s Makeover:



This was a refreshing and fun project to work on. I was able to develop my 2D animation skills by bringing in performance, lip-sync, audio and principles into one 8 second animation.

I am very happy with the outcome of this project. I was determined to try my new and old skills in one project and it combined well. My style of animation was inspired by how animators are able to produce traditional looking sequences that look sketchy and fluid. I enjoyed researching peoples approaches such as entries from the 11 Second Club website, show-reels of work from a variety of artists, and studio projects from the likes of Studio Meala. These inspirations helped me grasp a look, a setting and a unique approach to my chosen audio.


Both my reference of study and my reference of performance helped tremendously. From the YouTube videos by Bam animation and Toniko Pantoja, to the linked-in course on photoshop animation, I learnt lots of skills to produce good 2D animation throughout this project. I attempted to make use of anticipation, overshooting and squash & stretch (smear frames), based on my previous experience and from what I learnt in these videos.


The reference I recorded was super helpful in grasping the motions and expressions that I was looking to show. it was definitely beneficial to use my own reference, as It would have been difficult to find reference that fit what I was looking for.

What I like most about this animation is the natural and casual motion/expression I was able to capture in these two characters. I am happy that I was able to create a scenario that fits in context with this audio, as it makes it more fun to watch. I am also proud of pushing myself to be able to handle two characters to animate.

If I were to complete this assignment again, I would have spent more time on the motions to look more fluid, or worked on my ease ins and outs more. What I wish I could have done better was the flower placement on the characters shirts – they are animated differently to the rest of the animation and look slightly off along side them. I would have also worked to make the hands look better than they do right now – I feel during the production I may have neglected the hands quite a bit, just so I could keep going to further stages. Overall, I am still very proud of the work I made and am excited to show it around.

In conclusion, I enjoyed making, and successfully produced a 2D animation highlighting development on lip-sync and performance.

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