IXD301: Final Submission/Links to Projects

Portfolio Website

Lauren Gilmore Portfolio SiteĀ 

Blog Posts:

IXD301: Portfolio Research and Inspiration

IXD301: Content Audit Task

IXD301: Portfolio Website Development

IXD301: Website Feedback and Changes

IXD301: How to Design for Everyone (web accessability research)

IXD301: Building my Portfolio Website

IXD301: Social Media Task


Elements Project

Lauren Gilmore Elements Project

Blog Posts:

IXD301- Organising Raw Data From the Periodic Table

IXD301: Elements Project – Competitor Analysis

IXD301: User Persona Research

IXD301: Elements Project Ideation

IXD301: Elements Project Sketches & Wireframes

IXD301: User Scenarios Research

IXD301: User Research – Surveys

IXD301: My User Personas

IXD301: Elements Project Site Map

IXD301: User Scenarios

IXD301: Elements Project First Draft and Feedback

IXD301: Elements Project Development

IXD301: Elements Project Branding

IXD301: Usability Tests on Elements Project

IXD301: Finalising my Elements Project

IXD301: Elements Project Illustrations

IXD301: Brand Guidelines for Elements Project


Week Reflects

IXD301: Week 2 Reflect & User/Job Stories Task

IXD301: Week 5 Reflect

IXD301: Week 6 Review

IXD301: Week 8 Reflect

IXD301: Week 9 Reflect

IXD301: Week 10 Reflect


Final Presentation Reflect

IXD301: Presentation Reflect

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