IXD103: Final Submission

Brand Guidelines PDF: brand guidelines Portfolio Website Link: https://laurengilmoreixd.github.io/ixd_portfolio/index.html Brand Summary: At the start of this semester, I knew very little about branding. Like many people, I thought the majority was just a logo, but I quickly found that this wasn’t the case. I learnt that so much more time and thought go into a…Continue Reading IXD103: Final Submission

IXD103: Corrected Portfolio Website Prototype

Designing my final prototype After receiving some helpful feedback at a group critique, I went back and made some changes. I completely redesigned the top of the website. I took out the illustration and replaced it with an animation of my visual marque. I feel that this ties in with my brand better as it…Continue Reading IXD103: Corrected Portfolio Website Prototype

IXD104: Knowledge Is Beautiful- Book Review

This book by David McCandless is full of incredible work which can inspire me and teach me more about the world of infographics. He provides context to sometimes complex information which plays a big part in understanding ideas. I was intrigued by his style and how he uses imagery and patterns to help visualise data….Continue Reading IXD104: Knowledge Is Beautiful- Book Review

IXD104: Infographic Feedback, Corrections, Final

Feedback During the group critique I received lots of helpful feedback which I will use to improve my infographic. It will also help me moving forward when creating the next section of it. Here is the feedback and suggestions I received: Make the title stand out more by increasing the size The statistics related to…Continue Reading IXD104: Infographic Feedback, Corrections, Final

IXD104: Developing My Infographic

Sketches Now that I had decided on a topic, it was time to start planning. I began by sketching out different ways I could visualise the data. For example, how I could use bar charts, pie charts, illustration, and colour. This gave me a better idea of the style and layout of the infographic. Next,…Continue Reading IXD104: Developing My Infographic

IXD104: Creating more screens (final travel app)

Polar Desert Screen I wanted to include another example showing a different desert. I decided create the polar desert screen as I felt this was the most contrasting from the arid desert I had already created. I began by creating a moodboard which gave me inspiration for my illustration. I also chose a colour pallet…Continue Reading IXD104: Creating more screens (final travel app)

IXD103: “Lovemarks” Book Review

“Lovemarks”- Kevin Roberts This book is all about creating “loyalty beyond reason” in consumers. Roberts believes love and creating an emotional connection with customers is the way to a successful business. This outlook interested me as I think it could encourage me to look at branding in a new way. Why are brands struggling to…Continue Reading IXD103: “Lovemarks” Book Review

IXD103- Minor Task (how businesses form emotional relationships with customers)

This week, we were given the task of choosing 3 businesses we respect and studying how they form emotional relationships with customers. Fender Fender are known for providing a variety of guitars in a wide range of prices. This shows that they care about making their products affordable and accessible by everyone from beginners to…Continue Reading IXD103- Minor Task (how businesses form emotional relationships with customers)

IXD104: Week 10 Reflect

The art of information This week we looked at some more infographic designers and data scientists. I found this useful as it provided me with more sources of inspiration for my project. Brendan Dawes Dawes is a designer who creates some intriguing data visualisation work. Here are some of his pieces: He presents information in…Continue Reading IXD104: Week 10 Reflect