IXD303: Final Screens for Panda Connect

My Prototype This blog post shows the final screens for this app. You can access the full prototype and see it in action following the link above. Firstly, here are the main screens of this app:       The user can access all of these (other than “add a new panda” screens) from the panda…Continue Reading IXD303: Final Screens for Panda Connect

IXD303: Designing for a Smartwatch

Now that I have almost finished with the design of my mobile app for “Panda Connect”, I decided to design some screens for a smartwatch. The reason I thought this would be beneficial to go alongside this app is that the users will likely want to use it on the move. These users will likely…Continue Reading IXD303: Designing for a Smartwatch

IXD304: Updating my Website

My website With the deadline quickly approaching, I have been working on my Apollo Flights website and making it stronger. I have made some pretty big changes and improvements which I will talk through in this blog post. In our final critique session, I was given some last-minute suggestions on how I could improve my…Continue Reading IXD304: Updating my Website

IXD304: Creating an Icon Set

During our final group critique session, I was advised to create an icon set for my website. These would be used on the “read more” page in the facts section. The benefits of doing this include: It will help to visualise the fact information. They can be used as a shorthand for the text which…Continue Reading IXD304: Creating an Icon Set

IXD304: Checking Colour Accessibility

The Web Content Accessibility Guidelines have certain standards to meet when it comes to choosing colour combinations for apps and websites. This ensures that the product is accessible to those with colour blindness or visual impairments, etc. It also makes content easier to read for the average user, so it benefits everyone. Yellow text on…Continue Reading IXD304: Checking Colour Accessibility

IXD303: Checking Colour Accessability

The WCAG (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines) has certain standards for colour contrast on websites and apps. This is to ensure your app is accessible to those with colour blindness, visual impairments, etc. Following these guidelines will also be beneficial to all your users, making things easier to read. I decided to test my app to…Continue Reading IXD303: Checking Colour Accessability

IXD303: Week 12 Reflect – Feedback & Changes

This week was a final class critique on our healthcare apps. I found this class very useful as I got feedback from not only our tutor but from the rest of the class. I also enjoyed seeing the apps that my peers have designed as it is inspirational, and we can all learn from each…Continue Reading IXD303: Week 12 Reflect – Feedback & Changes