IXD303: User Research

Understanding the users Firstly, I wanted to research why the users do what they do. The users of my app would be panda caretakers, health care professionals, and researchers. These will be people of a wide age range, with different backgrounds, knowledge, and abilities. Why their job is important: Giant pandas are no longer endangered…Continue Reading IXD303: User Research

IXD304: Week 8 Reflect

Storytelling This week we had a guest lecture by David Henderson about storytelling. I found the lecture very useful and learned some interesting things about the art of storytelling. Throughout this degree, we have always been told about the importance of creating an emotional connection with our audience. This could be through brand stories, social…Continue Reading IXD304: Week 8 Reflect

IXD303: Week 7 Reflect

Feedback This week was a class critique session on our healthcare apps so far. For the critique, I presented my brand, wireframes, user personas, brand guidelines, and my first 3 screens. The 3 screens I showed were my home screen, activity tracker, and location tracker. This is the feedback I received: Add a horizontal rule…Continue Reading IXD303: Week 7 Reflect

IXD303: Designing the First 3 Screens

Colour This is my chosen colour pallet for this app. The black and white represent the colour of giant pandas of course. These will be used for the logo, wordmark, backgrounds, and text. The red represents a warning and, in this case, will be used on the “alerts” buttons. The colour will grab users’ attention…Continue Reading IXD303: Designing the First 3 Screens

IXD304: Week 7 Reflect

Storyboards This week, we did a workshop on storyboarding. We had to look at our prototype and create a storyboard showing the different steps users take when going through the site. When doing this, we had to ask ourselves the following 4 questions: Does it make sense? What could be improved? What isn’t needed? What’s…Continue Reading IXD304: Week 7 Reflect

IXD303: Empathy, Site & User Journey Maps

Empathy map This empathy map represents what typical users may say, think, do and feel before having access to the app I am designing. I found doing this beneficial as it gets me into the mindset of my users. It has helped me uncover more reasons why this app is so important and potential features…Continue Reading IXD303: Empathy, Site & User Journey Maps

IXD303: Week 6 Reflect – Design Sprints

This week we worked in groups on a design sprint. Usually, this would take place over the span of 1 week, therefore, doing it in 5 hours was going to be a challenge. How might we ease the pressure on accident and emergency departments? This was the problem we were given. It is an issue…Continue Reading IXD303: Week 6 Reflect – Design Sprints

IXD304: Week 6 Reflect – Prototype Critique

Today we had a feedback session on our Apollo prototypes so far. I wanted to make a post about this so I could refer to it when updating my prototype to ensure I made all the necessary changes. Here is the feedback I received: Label the switch: The switch to add colour to the rocket…Continue Reading IXD304: Week 6 Reflect – Prototype Critique