IXD303: Updated Brand Guidelines

I decided to make an updated version of my brand guidelines. My previous one was near the beginning of this project so it didn’t include everything. These brand guidelines go into more detail about the colour, typography, imagery, tone of voice, logo/wordmark, and buttons. These will help me keep on track and ensure everything remains…Continue Reading IXD303: Updated Brand Guidelines

IXD304: Prototype Updates

Since my last post, I have made many updates and improvements to my prototype. These are based on research and feedback I received. Button improvement This button allows the user to fill the rocket illustration with colour. Previously, the button was just the switch and provided no explanation of what its use was. This could…Continue Reading IXD304: Prototype Updates

IXD303: Designing More Screens

I have continued working on my “Panda Connect” app screens and it is starting to come together. This blog post will be an overview of these, challenges I have faced and the reasoning behind my design decisions. Updated navigation Firstly, I would like to talk through one of the main changes since my last blog…Continue Reading IXD303: Designing More Screens

IXD304: Week 10 Reflect

This week we had a guest lecture from Big Motive. They talked us through the importance of storytelling in design. I found this very useful as storytelling is a big part of our current project. There are 7 main elements of storytelling: Character, plot, dialogue, decor, melody, theme, and spectacle. When I was first told…Continue Reading IXD304: Week 10 Reflect

IXD303: Week 10 Reflect

This week we focused on some practical activities using the type system from material.io. This tool allows you to input fonts and it gives you suggestions for the size, weight and letter spacing for your chosen typeface. It includes these for headings, subtitles, body copy, buttons, captions and overline. This can help you present your…Continue Reading IXD303: Week 10 Reflect