IXD304: My Apollo Program Prototype

My Apollo Program Prototype Link to prototype https://www.figma.com/proto/PIj1atIt4khPFhNfJPraud/Apollo-Program-Prototype?page-id=0%3A1&node-id=4%3A450&viewport=245%2C48%2C0.5&scaling=min-zoom&starting-point-node-id=4%3A450 From my sketches and initial ideas, I knew I wanted to focus on the Apollo flights. I chose this because it is what interested me the most and I felt like I could tell a good story this way. The flights also matched the style I wanted…Continue Reading IXD304: My Apollo Program Prototype

IXD303: User Personas/Stories

User personas After researching, I felt ready to make some user personas to represent my target audience. This will help me understand user needs and goals when designing the interface. It will also help me keep their pain points in mind so I can find solutions for them. The first persona is “Sofie Hill” She…Continue Reading IXD303: User Personas/Stories

IXD303: Week 5 Reflect

Content Design This week was all about content design. Well-written and well-presented content is very important as 95% of the web is made up of written language. Some examples we were given of websites that are great with content include mail chimp, hiut denim, and gov.uk. When looking at these sites, I noticed simplicity and…Continue Reading IXD303: Week 5 Reflect

IXD304: Immersive Inspiration

In class, we learned about the benefits of designing a website that is immersive. I decided to look at some examples to gain inspiration for my current project on the Apollo Space Program. Axes of rock This is the home screen of this website that sells guitars. It has well-illustrated guitars moving vertically up through…Continue Reading IXD304: Immersive Inspiration

IXD303: PlantCo Group Task

Brief This week we were asked to get into groups and start designing an app for the PlantCo Smart Pot. It has a reservoir and water pump built into the pot and connects to the app via Bluetooth. The app provides information on the plant’s wellbeing, watering needs, gardening tips, etc. Our task is to…Continue Reading IXD303: PlantCo Group Task

IXD303: Ways to Track the Health & Location of Wildlife

I want to design an app that is connected to a device to track the health and location of Giant Pandas. Therefore, I want to research different types of devices to see which would be the most effective and animal-friendly. Tracking collars These can be GPS, radio, or satellite collars and are commonly used to…Continue Reading IXD303: Ways to Track the Health & Location of Wildlife

IXD303: Developing my Idea

My idea Originally, I wanted to create an app designed to track the health and wellbeing of endangered animals. However, I want to make it more specific and focus on tracking the health and wellbeing of giant pandas. It would have features such as a location tracker, activity/stress/sleep monitor, vitals tracker, and alerts. The way…Continue Reading IXD303: Developing my Idea

IXD304: Apollo Project Sketches & Feedback

Sketches Now that I had an art direction and the style route I wanted to go down, it was time to start sketching some ideas. First, I started by splitting my page into 3 sections, back, and front. This allowed me to sketch down any ideas that came to mind. I made sure to take…Continue Reading IXD304: Apollo Project Sketches & Feedback