IXD304: Week 4 Reflect

Journeying Immersively This week, we learned about macro and micro-interactions. Macro interactions are the bigger interactions a user has with an interface. These are something we are all familiar with such as, going from page to page or section to section. However, I wanted to look deeper into micro-interactions as I think they are very…Continue Reading IXD304: Week 4 Reflect

IXD303: Group Form Exercise

Group Form Exercise We were asked to go into groups and take raw text that would be in a medical form and present it in an easy-to-understand way. First, we split the information into three sections: Personal details Contact details Tracing your previous medical records There were 3 of us in the group so we…Continue Reading IXD303: Group Form Exercise

IXD303: Week 4 Reflect

Sketching Reasons for sketching You can iterate your ideas more quickly It enables collaboration Low cost To communicate your ideas It gets out all your ideas in a quick and easy way Helps reduce layout and functionality issues Tips for sketching Use a thicker pen Draw straight lines Be thoughtful about colour: highlight important content…Continue Reading IXD303: Week 4 Reflect

IXD303: My Idea & a Competitor Analysis

My idea For this project, I want to create an interface that helps healthcare professionals keep track of the health and wellbeing of endangered animals. It would track their location and keep live information about their health. I thought it would be beneficial to carry out a competitor analysis to inspire ideas and find things…Continue Reading IXD303: My Idea & a Competitor Analysis

IXD304: Experimenting with Typography

This week, we were asked to take all or part of the Apollo Program content and experiment with different typefaces. I haven’t decided exactly what I will focus on for this project so for this experiment I took the content on the Apollo flights. I started by marking it up and deciding the size and…Continue Reading IXD304: Experimenting with Typography

IXD303: Week 3 Reflect

Framing your Design Challenge This week was all about framing our design challenge. This included stating the problem, framing it as a design question, the impact we want to have, solutions and constraints. We are still in the research phase of this project so the idea I went with isn’t set in stone. My Design…Continue Reading IXD303: Week 3 Reflect