IXD303: Week 12 Reflect – Feedback & Changes

This week was a final class critique on our healthcare apps. I found this class very useful as I got feedback from not only our tutor but from the rest of the class. I also enjoyed seeing the apps that my peers have designed as it is inspirational, and we can all learn from each other.

As this was the final critique, there wasn’t much that I was asked to change. From my tutor, the main thing was to fix some spacing issues. It was pointed out, particularly on the alert screen that not everything was properly aligned. You can see this with the ruler I added on the left-hand side.

To improve this, I added columns and set a margin of 19. This is where the image starts. It allowed me to better align my text, so it is in line with the image and the back arrow. I think this looks much better; you can see this below.

I will add a margin of 19 on my other screens to ensure everything is consistent. Doing this will also allow me to double-check to ensure my content is aligned. This is important to make it easy to read and it makes everything look much cleaner.

I also received some feedback from my classmates. Overall, it was positive with people commenting on the brand, colours, and easy navigation. I am happy with this as it gives me reassurance on my design decisions. I did receive some criticism on the size of the panda profile icon as it doesn’t fully align with the heading. This is something I will investigate.

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