IXD303: Group Research

At the beginning of this project, we were put into groups to carry out group research. At this point, we were still in the ideation stage so our research topics could be very broad.

As a group, we decided that the best approach to this would be through a Miro board. This way, we could easily add any research we conducted, and everyone could view it at any time. I found this to be very useful as we were all researching different topics, this way, we could cover a much larger area than if we were doing it by ourselves. Looking at everyone else’s research was beneficial as I got inspiration from what they were adding to the board.

By this stage, I knew that I wanted my project to be related to animals in some way. Therefore, I made this the focus of my research to ensure this was the path I wanted to take. I did a lot of research on ways to monitor animal health such as, medical wearables etc. I also looked at some veterinary apps to get an idea of what I could include in my app. My research was mostly articles and case studies. As well as the links to these, I also included screenshots from the websites, this way, the rest of my group could decide from this whether they wanted to read more about it or not.

From the rest of the group, there were some interesting finds. Some people did more general research through articles which would help us through the design process such as, “How to design a healthcare app that makes its users happier.” Another member of the group found some amazing articles about the technology advancements in prosthetic limbs. Reading things like this was inspiring as it shows that there are no limits in the technology we are designing for, it also makes us think outside the box.

Here is our final board of research:


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