IXD301: Social Media Task

This week, we were given the task of designing a series of Instagram stories and one Instagram post. I decided to use this to show the process of creating my portfolio website. Below, you can see the stories I designed on Figma:

Instagram Stories


I decided to show my process step by step from initial sketches to publishing my website. A link is provided at the end to encourage people to visit my site and view my work. The design of these stories is simple. It just has the name of the step in the middle with a grid of images in the background. The opacity of these images has been reduced to make the words stand out more.

I made sure to highlight these stories so they can be viewed from my profile at any time:


Instagram Posts

I also created an Instagram post to drive people to my stories and to the portfolio link in my bio. This can be seen below, along with what I wrote under the post:


What I wrote under the post:

My Portfolio Website💻

Click the link here or in my bio to see more of my work ➡️ lauren-gilmore-portfolio.webflow.io 

Check out my stories or highlights to see the full progress from initial sketches to publishing it!

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