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IXD301: Final Submission/Links to Projects

Portfolio Website Lauren Gilmore Portfolio Site  Blog Posts: IXD301: Portfolio Research and Inspiration IXD301: Content Audit Task IXD301: Portfolio Website Development IXD301: Website Feedback and Changes IXD301: How to Design for Everyone (web accessability research) IXD301: Building my Portfolio Website IXD301: Social Media Task   Elements Project Lauren Gilmore Elements Project Blog Posts: IXD301- Organising…Continue Reading IXD301: Final Submission/Links to Projects

IXD301: Presentation Reflect

At the end of the semester, I had to do a presentation talking about the two projects I have been working on. These are my portfolio website and my elements project. The slides Website and Elements Presentation At first, I was going to add text to my presentation to give me points to talk about….Continue Reading IXD301: Presentation Reflect

IXD301: Brand Guidelines for Elements Project

Brand guidelines are standards you set for how you want your brand to be presented. This can help provide a consistent look and feel and is essential in controlling your image and how you come across. In this case, I created them for my elements app. This allowed me to set rules for colour, sizing,…Continue Reading IXD301: Brand Guidelines for Elements Project

IXD301: Week 5 Reflect

This week, we have been working on webflow to make our portfolio websites. This is a platform that allows you to build and host websites without using any code. I decided to look at the advantages and disadvantages of this. Pros and cons of “no-code” platforms Pros: Quicker: There are pre-built elements and automated testing…Continue Reading IXD301: Week 5 Reflect

IXD301: Elements Project Illustrations

Why are illustrations important? For this project, I decided to take an illustrative approach. The biggest reason for this is that it is an app aimed at children. Illustrations provide context that can help children understand a narrative and setting better. They are also visually appealing and will keep them engaged. This is especially important…Continue Reading IXD301: Elements Project Illustrations

IXD301: Finalising my Elements Project

Adding new screens I wanted to make some updates to the final screen. Previously, I just had one “congratulations” screen that appeared after the user answered some questions. The user was presented with one badge. However, I wanted to take this one step further and have different badges depending on how many questions they answered…Continue Reading IXD301: Finalising my Elements Project

IXD301: Usability Tests on Elements Project

Today I ran some usability testing on my elements project app. This enabled me to observe how real people interact with the app and uncover any issues with usability. I used the think-aloud protocol which involves the user talking out loud while completing different tasks. As this was happening, I took down notes on any…Continue Reading IXD301: Usability Tests on Elements Project

IXD301: Elements Project Branding

Part of this project was to create a brand for the app including a logo and wordmark. I wanted something simple that matched the tone of voice of the app. I began by creating a wordmark. Wordmark I started by browsing different typefaces on Google Fonts. I then took some of my favourites into Figma…Continue Reading IXD301: Elements Project Branding

IXD301: Elements Project Development

After a feedback session, I made quite a few changes to some of my current screens and added some new ones to further develop my app. Home screen I didn’t change very much on this screen as I like the way it looks. I think the colours contrast well with each other, it greets the…Continue Reading IXD301: Elements Project Development

IXD301: Elements Project First Draft and Feedback

This blog post shows my first attempts at the UI of this project. In today’s class, we had a feedback session so this also includes advice I received from that. Colour pallet I chose this as it has lots of shades of blue which ties in with the ocean theme. These colours will come in…Continue Reading IXD301: Elements Project First Draft and Feedback