Month: November 2021

IXD302: Empathy Map for Pitch

An empathy map is used to visualise user attitudes and behaviors. This enables designers to better understand users and make better design choices. I also think they help wider teams of people, who aren’t necessarily designers, understand user needs. It makes you think about what your user: Says Thinks Does Feels I want to create…Continue Reading IXD302: Empathy Map for Pitch

IXD302: Pitch Competitor Analysis

Interview 360 This feature is part of the Ulster University website. It is designed to help people practice their interview skills by giving them the most common interview questions. Users can take mock interviews using general questions or job-specific such as, retail and banking. The interview is recorded using video and the user receives feedback…Continue Reading IXD302: Pitch Competitor Analysis

IXD302: SWOT Analysis

I have completed a SWOT analysis on my pitch project idea. To recap, it is a presentation helper app that uses AI to give users feedback on their skills and help them improve. SWOT stands for strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. Doing this will allow me to understand what I can do well, potential barriers…Continue Reading IXD302: SWOT Analysis

IXD302: Week 10 Reflect

This week was all about the importance of user research. For our pitch project, it will be essential to carry out research on potential users to get their insights. This will help us find out their needs and if the product really needs to exist. Principles and Processes of Interaction Design I decided to read…Continue Reading IXD302: Week 10 Reflect

IXD302: Pitch User Research

Before going further into this project, I thought it was important to research more into potential users of the product. To recap, I am pitching a presentation helper app which records users giving a presentation and uses AI to provide feedback. Survey I created a survey on Google Forms asking the following questions: Do you/have…Continue Reading IXD302: Pitch User Research

IXD302: Pitch Idea & Research

Idea After the brainstorming session, I had two favourite ideas: The loyalty card app and the presentation helper app. I think the presentation helper will be more beneficial which is why I have chosen to move forward with this idea. The reason I have chosen this idea is that I think myself and many others…Continue Reading IXD302: Pitch Idea & Research

IXD302: Proposal Competitor Analysis

Currently, there is no website for Hillstreet, Belfast. Therefore, it could be difficult to know what to include in the proposal. Therefore, I decided to look at some similar websites to find out the type of content that would be included. Titanic Quarter Belfast This website is split into 5 main sections. Live, work, visit,…Continue Reading IXD302: Proposal Competitor Analysis

IXD301: Week 9 Reflect

Usability Testing This week was all about usability testing and the importance of doing it throughout the design process. What is a usability test? Usability testing is when you get people to use your website or app to test the functioning of the interface. You will look at their behaviour and how they interact with…Continue Reading IXD301: Week 9 Reflect