IXD301: Presentation Reflect

At the end of the semester, I had to do a presentation talking about the two projects I have been working on. These are my portfolio website and my elements project.

The slides

Website and Elements Presentation

At first, I was going to add text to my presentation to give me points to talk about. However, I decided to go for a fully image-led PowerPoint. I liked the idea of how visual it would be, and that the audience wouldn’t get distracted by reading text. This also gave me more space for my images. Overall, the design was very simple, clean and I used grids for my images.

I started by talking about my portfolio website. I went through inspiration, sketches, wireframes, high-res mock-ups, and then my final design. This gave the audience a look into my thought process behind the design. I then talked through my elements project in a similar structure. However, I also added in some user research to back up my idea and a video showing the prototype.



To prepare, I wrote down everything that I wanted to talk about. It was very important that I did lots of practice, especially since I had no text on my PowerPoint. I practiced many times speaking out loud and timing myself and doing it in front of my family and friends.

After a while, I was able to get through the whole presentation without looking at my notes. This built my confidence as I felt much more prepared.



Prior to the presentation, I felt nervous as I hadn’t done one in a long time. However, once I started talking and got used to it, my nerves eased. The overall feedback I got was positive. I was told that the work I had done was good and he could see that I took all the feedback I got over the semester into consideration. One issue I had was that I went slightly under the time limit. This was perhaps because I forgot to mention some points due to nerves, however, this is something I could work on. Kyle also mentioned that I could go into more detail with the projects e.g., talk about user personas. These are all things I will improve for future presentations, and I feel more confident going forward.

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