IXD301: User Scenarios

What are user scenarios?

User scenarios are stories of how a user may achieve a goal when using your interface. They are beneficial as they give you a better understanding of user goals, needs and barriers they may face. This way you can come up with solutions on how to make it as easy and enjoyable as possible for them.

My user scenarios

I am basing these scenarios on the user personas I created.

Scenario 1

Amber, 8, is learning about science in school. Her first topic is the periodic table, and she is struggling to grasp the concept of it. A lot of the learning methods in school involve reading and writing about the elements. However, she struggles with dyslexia so this can be difficult for her when complex language is used in long pieces of text. She would like a more engaging way to learn that keeps her focused and makes learning more enjoyable. An educational app that uses short and simple language would benefit her as she could practice outside of school at home. Something like this would make learning more interactive and encourage her to also improve her writing skills.

Scenario 2

Julia, 32, is the parent of a 10-year-old boy. She recently found out that he is learning about the periodic table in school. She finds it difficult to get her son to focus on learning as he has no interest in science. In the past, she has tried to support him in using educational apps. However, she has little experience with technology and a lot of these apps are hard to navigate. Therefore, an app that is easy to use, engaging and fun with relevant content to what he learns in school would be very valuable.

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