IXD301: Week 5 Reflect

This week, we have been working on webflow to make our portfolio websites. This is a platform that allows you to build and host websites without using any code. I decided to look at the advantages and disadvantages of this.

Pros and cons of “no-code” platforms


  • Quicker: There are pre-built elements and automated testing which makes building much quicker.
  • Increased productivity: There is a significant amount of time saved meaning valuable time can be spent on other things.
  • Less expensive: Companies don’t need to spend massive amounts of money on professional coders.
  • Easy to change: It makes it easy to change anything, whereas with code this is more difficult and takes more time.
  • Accessibility: There are no code platforms out there that are easy to use with no experience. Therefore, anyone can be involved in app or website development.
  • Collaboration: It is much easier to collaborate within a team because everyone will understand how it works.
  • Saves money as you don’t have to employ professionals outside of your business.


  • Limiting: There are certain templates and components that you are restricted to. If your idea is very different, it may not be possible to create with the building blocks you are given,
  • Security issues: You don’t have full control over your website as its being built/hosted on a platform. Therefore, if they suffer a security breach, your work will be vulnerable.
  • You still need basic knowledge: It is beneficial to have a basic knowledge of coding to understand how the platform works. If not, this can lead to many issues.


I think that no-code platforms will continue to grow in popularity. I have been using webflow to build my portfolio website and it has been very valuable. I don’t know much about code so this has allowed me to bring my ideas to life easily without it.

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