IXD301: Week 2 Reflect & User/Job Stories Task

Where content comes from

This week we learnt about where content comes from and who owns it.

Client : Most of the time, the content is supplied by the client. Therefore, they will give you exactly what they want on their website, app etc.

Self-generated: This is much more time consuming as you need to fully understand their business, tone of voice and what kind of content they want to put across. This type of content is also present in things like blogging

Wikipedia/third party sites: Not very reliable. This is because it can be edited by anyone meaning the information could be completely wrong.

User generated: Social media is an example of this as it is the users that bring the sites to life with the content they create. For example, YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter. These sites then take what you are interested in and give you new content based on that information.


Content curation

Content curation is how you organise vast amounts of content in a meaningful way. We were shown an Instagram post and how much content and interactions surround it. This includes things like comments, like buttons, user profile, share icon etc. This has shown me how much consideration must go into these things.  Once you have the content, you must consider how people work it and the structure.

This is part of the reason why it was important for me to write the content for my portfolio website first. This means I can now work the design around the relevant content.

Benefits of content curation:

  • Become an expert
  • Easier than creating your own
  • Shows your focused
  • Grow your network
  • Get more business
  • Stay informed

Overall, I found it very helpful learning how to curate my content as I can use this advice when creating content for my own site. It has taught me that my content must be useful, clear, and consistent.


User and job stories task

A user story is a way of pinning down what you need to do


As a student making a portfolio website

I want to curate content for case studies

So that I can showcase my work


When I want someone to design my company’s app

I want to find local app designers with relevant experience

So that I can recruit a designer


As a business owner

I want to provide my contact details on my website

So that new clients can contact me


When I am writing content for a business’s website

I want to research the business and their tone of voice

So that I know how to create the content they want

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