IXD301: Content Audit Task

This week we were given the task of creating a content audit for a website. Before I began, I wanted to find out more about what a content audit includes.

A content audit is the process of systematically analysing the content on your website to uncover strengths and weaknesses.


  • Gives you a thorough list of all the content
  • Gives you a better understanding of the content
  • You can find things you didn’t know existed
  • Spot duplication
  • Helps identify relationships between content


The website I chose for this task is www.glorialo.design. I chose this as it is a portfolio website of a designer, this would give me a better understanding of the content included in portfolios when it comes to building my own.

Here is a screenshot showing part of the content audit:

Here is a link to view the full excel document:

content audit


Some things I found when doing this task:

  • The contact details were duplicated on every page. This is effective as it keeps it consistent and easy for users to contact her. It also always draws users back and encourages them to contact her.
  • You can see the relationships between the content. For example, all the case studies are connected and lead onto the next one.
  • It allowed me to categorise the pages and analyse the purpose of them. For example, some were promotional, and some were informational.

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