IXD301: Elements Project Site Map

Site Map

A sitemap is the outline of your website or app. It creates a visual of how users can navigate through the site and get to where they want to go. It is a good way to organise content and see how each page is connected.

Why are they important?

  • Gives your website purpose
  • Clarify your site’s goals
  • Organise content
  • Better user experience
  • Prevents broken links
  • Reduces unnecessary pages
  • Helps you build a functional/usable site
  • Visual representation of your site

My sitemap is very simple as I wanted it to be easy to navigate as it’s an app for children. Having too many pages would be unnecessary and make it complex, meaning they would lose interest quickly.

I found this beneficial as it gives me a birds-eye-view of the pages I want to be included in my app and allows me to structure it. Doing this also made me consider how quickly the user can get to where they need to be and to avoid adding unnecessary pages.

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