IXD301: Elements Project Sketches & Wireframes


The top two sketches show a potential layout for the home screen. This app will be played on an iPad as this is the device the target audience uses the most. At first, I wasn’t sure whether the app should be vertical or horizontal. However, I think vertical may work best for this app as users will be traveling down through the ocean and this leaves more space. The home screen will likely contain the title, a play button, and an illustration in the background. I also want to illustrate a fun character for the app.

The screens below show what the actual app will look like. you can see the title at the top and then the ocean. The squares represent different objects which users can click on. This will then display a pop-up information card telling the user what elements are present and information about them.

This sketch shows how users will move through the app. After they have uncovered all the elements on the screen, they can click a button to test their knowledge. This will then transition down to a new screen with the same objects. However, when the user clicks on these, some information will be missing, and they must fill it in. For example, they will be given the element symbol and they must type the element name. It won’t be difficult as it is aimed at children.

The users can collect coins by completing missing information. Some coins may also be placed throughout the app to find. To move into the next section, users must have collected enough coins.



Below you can see the digital wireframes for this app:

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