IXD301- Organising Raw Data From the Periodic Table

To start off our elements project, we were asked to organize raw text from the periodic table in a way that was easy to understand. Therefore, I had to find relationships within the content and organize it. As a designer, it’s very important to be able to present information in a clear manner.

Below, you can find the raw text we were given:

H Hydrogen 1 Diatomic Nonmetal 1 s 1.008 1766 He Helium 2 Noble Gas 18 s 4.002602 1868 Li Lithium 3 Alkali Metal 1 s 6.94 1817 B Boron 5 Metalloid 13 p 10.81 1808 O Oxygen 8 Diatomic Nonmetal 16 p 15.999 1772 Al Aluminium 13 Post-Transition Metal 13 p 26.9815385 1787 Sc Scandium 21 Transition Metal 3 d 44.955908 1871 Se Selenium 34 Polyatomic Nonmetal 16 p 78.971 1817 Cs Caesium 55 Alkali Metal 1 s 132.905452 1860 Ac Actinium 89 Actinide N/A f 227 1902

As you can see, it is difficult to understand what each word or number represents, making it hard to learn anything. After some research, I was able to categorize them into groups with titles. This way you can see the similarities and differences between them. Below, you can find my updated version:

elements categorized

I found this task beneficial as it taught me more about the periodic table and how it is categorized.

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