IXD301: Elements Project Ideation


I started by creating a mind map to get all my ideas down. I found this useful as it allowed me to be creative with my ideas and took away the pressure of making every idea good. Here are my initial ideas:

I knew I wanted to create an app for children, teaching them about the elements in the periodic table. Instead of just showing them the periodic table and giving them information, I wanted to do something a little more outside the box.

Chosen idea

One of my favourite ideas was “Elements found in the ocean”. This is because there were many ways, I could make this interactive and fun. The idea is that the user travels through the ocean clicking on different objects such as, fish, plants, treasure, etc. and discovers what elements they are made up of through pop-up information cards.

Users can then test their knowledge by filling in missing information about the elements they have learnt about. Users can collect coins throughout the app and by completing missing information correctly. They then use these coins to advance to the next stage. Each stage goes deeper into the ocean. This will make it more enjoyable and challenging. The app will be filled with interaction, bright colours, and fun characters. These will keep them engaged in their learning.

I am excited to continue with this project. My next step is to sketch my ideas for the layout of the app.

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