Reflecting first year

Reflecting first year

This past year attending university through my computer screen wasn’t the way I thought I would be attending, but it was definitely something new and interesting to do. I really did enjoy learning animation this year. I have learnt lots from the basics of drawing, to producing 2D animation, and from learning new software, to 3D modelling and animating.

 The people in this class have been so lovely and friendly to me and I hope I appear nice to them too. Although we haven’t all met in person yet, I still appreciate the time I have spent with them so far. 

I will admit this year has been tough for us all to carefully focus on work from home, to be isolated for a long time, not getting the full university experience and to try to connect with others. Apart from all that, I still really enjoyed the year! We had many class calls that turned out fun. The modules were very interesting and I have made projects I never thought I’d be able to make!

Thank you to the staff for working hard especially this year to teach us animation. I am excited for next year and what is to come next 🙂

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