Cute Character – Reflection

Here is my finished Cute character model uploaded onto sketchfab.


Model on its own:

Model with scene:



This was a fun assignment to work on, and one of the many assignments that taught me a lot about 3D. I had only started 3D (for the first time) in January, and I am surprised at how much I have learnt and improved since then. etc. modelling/sculpting, Maya/blender tools and settings, texturing, and more.

I am happy with the outcome of this project. I feel I did great in providing a context/purpose for the character I created, and added accessories, posing and expression to enhance the purpose and presentation. I also feel I did great during the modelling process. I made sure I went through each task and did them the best I could. Lastly, I appreciate the time I took to add a nice scene as it looks a lot more interesting and unique. However, there are also parts I could have done better in. I should have checked through the scene UV maps once more as they gave me a small problem. I could have experimented more with texture design and shading if I had more time to learn about it. Lastly, a part of me thinks I could have been more original in my character design.

Other than this, I had a great experience with this project and I now know how to model a character, texture a character, and present it in a nice way.


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