Cute Character – Texturing

When I had finished my model, I brought my work into Substance Painter. Substance Painter will allow me to add textures in many versions and styles.

Firstly, I baked the textures of my whole model so Substance has an idea of the UVs and where / how each part of the penguin is placed. I went on to apply some solid colours to each part with only the colour switch on, each on a paint layer.

On the body, I made multiple layers to separate the white tummy colour, the beak colour and the pink/purple skin colour.

I used this reference from my previous drawings to pick out the right colours that I was looking for.

Alternatively, I placed down the Chrome Pure material onto the computer, and a darker colour chrome material for the computer logo. I still plan to add a custom texture onto the computer to give it a screen, and more noticeable keyboard and touchpad. (Later on I notice this I did not like this when exported back onto Maya, so I made my own texture for the computer.)

I continued with Substance Painter and added some highlights and darker tones to the layers of the penguin to add a more lively and cartoon style. After this was done I exported the textures, and brought them back into Maya.

I opened my previous Maya file and placed in my textures and arranged them to the parts they belong to. I feel they look nice here already. I wasn’t a fan of the ‘chrome’ texture I placed on the computer so I thought it would be nicer and easier to make my own texture.

I exported the UV map of the computer that will give me the guide to place down the colour of the computer, the squares of where the keyboard, the touch pad, and the screen is.

I went onto photoshop and added in some colour to the places listed above. I also made an image of a blackboard class call that I painted over with penguins on it. I think it was a cute and unique touch to the model and it connects to the theme and purpose of the computer being in the scene with the penguin.

I added the texture to the Maya file and it fit well! It looks really well with the penguin.

Here is my Maya model with the full Substance Painter textures applied. I think it works very well and the little details Put in etc. the blush, the darker tones, the light in the eyes, makes a big difference in its appearance.

I exported this model to an FBX and uploaded it to sketchfab to test out how the character will be presented. This is just to test it out before I made a little scene for the penguin first.

Again through Sketchfab I went through the process of adding each texture to their PBR map etc. base colour, Metalness, roughness. I also placed down the studio light environment and added a coloured background to give it a bit of life.

Here is what it looks like uploaded. I think it looks really nice here. It looks vibrant and clear with the lighting settings I placed on. Below is the link to the model.


Next I would like to create a quick scene for the penguin to enhance the environment, purpose and intensions of this character.

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