IXD101 Hand-in

Final Project Pieces

Project 01- My Manifesto

Project 02- One Hundred Iterations

Project 03- Follow the Rhythm

Project 04- Portfolio Website


Supporting Blogs

Blog 01- My Manifesto

Blog 02- One Hundred Iterations

Blog 03- Follow the Rhythm

Blog 04- Portfolio Website



Week 2- Point, Line, Plane

Week 3- The Golden Ratio, Gestalt Principle and Type Scale.

Week 4- Typography and Colour

Week 5- UI Design and Formatting

Week 6- Human-Centred Design

Markdown, HTML5 and CSS

Creating a Pattern Library

Web Typography

Tables, Images and CSS Grids


GitHub Tasks

Markdown Task

Baskerville Tasks


Dyslexia Sticker

Electronic SPLD Sticker

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