IXD103 Final Submission

Brand Guidelines Rachel’s Design Lab Brand Guidelines Google Drive link to Brand Guidelines   Portfolio Website Link to Portfolio Website: rachelsdesignlab.com Link to GitHub Repository: https://github.com/RachelDonaldson/portfolio-website   Dyslexia Electronic Sticker Electronic SPLD Sticker (1)   Summary of Branding and Design Decisions When creating my brand Rachel’s Design Lab I wanted to achieve a vibrant and […]

IXD103 Developing my Portfolio Website

Navigation Bar When building my navigation bar I ran into a few issues the first was that when reloaded my page my monogram would making sliding left movement from around the centre of the navbar. This was because I had originally set the padding-right at 30vw. So rather than adding padding to the right, I […]

IXD103 Designing Brand Identity by Alina Wheeler

Designing Brand Identity by Alina Wheeler is a brilliant resource that covers brand basics, brand ideals, brand elements, brand and before and after’s. In this post, I reviewed a number of subcategories covered by Wheeler that I found particularly interesting. Brand strategy Wheeler describes effective brand strategy as providing “a central, unifying idea around which […]

IXD103 Week 10- Beyond the Brand

Brand Values I think the above brand values pyramid sets out the order of importance of various brand benefits in a very clear and accessible way. It makes sense the functional benefits come first and as highlighted in an article on solmarketing.com this structure reflects Maslow’s hierarchy of needs which state that humans must have […]

IXD103 Research for Portfolio Website

Research Below I have presented a number of example websites that influenced the design of my own portfolio website most strongly. As well as websites that incorporated cool features that I would not yet be able to animate or code but just wanted to highlight as aspirational goals. Hoang Nguyen-hoang.com View website I love the […]

IXD103 Brand Touchpoints

Adding movement to my logo.   I began my research for adding movement to my logo by looking at examples of how other brands had incorporated movement into their logos as seen in the above video. I also looked at opening title sequences to television series and was particularly influences by the moving text in […]

IXD103 Week 9- Portfolio Site

This weeks lecture began with a quick overview of the marking criteria for our portfolio websites which I found particularly helpful. Points to consider were creating a brand identity through voice and tone, considered content and visual cohesiveness. S.W.O.T Analysis We kicked off with a class exercise taking 30 minutes to complete a S.W.O.T. Analysis […]

IXD103 Element Collage

Dan Mall takes Samantha Warren’s style tyles a step further apply a more collaged approach resulting in an element collage. Mall describes wireframes and moodboards to be too abstract and I have to say I agree. When pitching an idea in the form of a wireframe or moodboard the realisation can be very different to […]