IXD101 Hand-in

Final Project Pieces Project 01- My Manifesto Project 02- One Hundred Iterations Project 03- Follow the Rhythm Project 04- Portfolio Website   Supporting Blogs Blog 01- My Manifesto Blog 02- One Hundred Iterations Blog 03- Follow the Rhythm Blog 04- Portfolio Website   Blogs Week 2- Point, Line, Plane Week 3- The Golden Ratio, Gestalt […]

Week 6- Human-Centred Design

4 Principles of Human-Centred Design Nick Babich outlines four principles of Human-centred design based on Don Normal’s talk on HCD, see clip below. These principles are focus on the people, find the right problem, think of everything as a system and always validate your design decisions. Focusing on the people means always considering who will […]

Portfolio Website

Wireframe While we were provided with the general structure of our portfolio website I thought it would be good practice to wireframe out my website with my own assets including the manifesto I created which will sit in the hero section of the website and the rhythm and lyrics section which I now intend to […]

Web Typography

Font Pairing Ruth Hamilton in her article 36 perfect font pairings proposes 3 tips for effectively pairings: Use font superfamilies, Pair contrasting typefaces and Pair type sub-categories. Use font superfamilies The term ‘super-family’ is used to describes a font with a variety of styles, weights and classifications designed to work together. An example of this […]

Markdown, HTML5 and CSS

Markdown Following week five’s brief introduction to markdown, I looked at some resources including daringfireball.net and a brief linked in learning video on markdown basics. The website daringfireball.net was great for getting to grips with the basic rules of markdown and had some very cool features e.g. a markdown page is provided of the main […]

Follow the Rhythm

For this project, we were required to select our favourite song and present the lyrics in a style that is reflective of the artist/artists that perform it. I began by selecting the Holocene by Bon Iver. I love the Indie Folk/ Baroque Pop feel to this song and how it often features in films at […]

Week 4- Typography and Colour

Type scale, lettering and colour are all incredibly important components of design. Therefore I believe that by building a strong understanding of these areas I will be developing a strong foundation and understanding of typography in design that will allow me to produce considered and effective design outcomes that communicate effectively with the viewer. As […]