IXD104 Week 9-Manufactured Fictions

This weeks lecture was really interesting. The topic of manufactured fictions and the impact of Instagram presenting a skewed view of reality is more relevant than ever. This is further added to by the leaps made in AI with Christopher Ume utilising this technology and VFX to create TikTok fakes of Tom Cruice. The outcome […]

IXD104 Infographic Research

Primary Research I began my research by looking at a number of primary resources to find some initial inspiration and different ways information could be presented. Above our images take from a health magazine. I like how in the above-left outcome the text is broken into sections and images are scattered throughout each corresponding to […]

IXD103 Brand Touchpoints

Adding movement to my logo.   I began my research for adding movement to my logo by looking at examples of how other brands had incorporated movement into their logos as seen in the above video. I also looked at opening title sequences to television series and was particularly influences by the moving text in […]

IXD103 Week 9- Portfolio Site

This weeks lecture began with a quick overview of the marking criteria for our portfolio websites which I found particularly helpful. Points to consider were creating a brand identity through voice and tone, considered content and visual cohesiveness. S.W.O.T Analysis We kicked off with a class exercise taking 30 minutes to complete a S.W.O.T. Analysis […]

IXD103 Element Collage

Dan Mall takes Samantha Warren’s style tyles a step further apply a more collaged approach resulting in an element collage. Mall describes wireframes and moodboards to be too abstract and I have to say I agree. When pitching an idea in the form of a wireframe or moodboard the realisation can be very different to […]

IXD103 Interface Inventory Exercise

An interface inventory as described by Brad Frost is similar to content inventory however rather than reviewing and categorising content your categorising UI components. It basically means reviewing all components and elements of a brands UIs screenshotting them as you go followed by categorising. Frosts suggest using PowerPoint or Keynote and even provides a template […]

IXD103 Week 8- Style Guide

Style Guides and Pattern Libraries This weeks lecture kicked off with a brief definition for style guides, pattern libraries and components. I found this to be a great way to break into the topic as I feel quite often the terms style guides and pattern libraries are often used interchangeably so it’s great to get […]

IXD104 Week 8- Designing Infographics

In this weeks lecture, we covered a number of topics including the death of words. Here we looked at the rise of social media apps such as Instagram and the growing focus on images above words. However, as stated by Edward Tufte (one of the fields modern leaders) “Infographics help fill the gaps between words […]

IXD104 Week 7- Visualising Data

In this weeks lecture, we looked at various diagrams, data visualisation and reviewed how data is everywhere from bus time tables to weather reports to election results. I have looked at a number of data visual artists and their work below. Made from Data- Paul Button In the above outcomes, Paul Button demonstrates data primarily […]