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IXD102 Hand-in

Final Project Pieces Project 1- Type Specimen for Screen Project 2- Design History Presentation Project 3- Design History Web Essay   Supporting Blogs Blog 1- Type Specimen for Screen Blog 2- Design History Presentation Blog 3- Design History Web Essay   Blogs Gutenberg and Beyond A Century of Change Revolution and the Bauhaus WWII and […]

IXD101 Hand-in

Final Project Pieces Project 01- My Manifesto Project 02- One Hundred Iterations Project 03- Follow the Rhythm Project 04- Portfolio Website   Supporting Blogs Blog 01- My Manifesto Blog 02- One Hundred Iterations Blog 03- Follow the Rhythm Blog 04- Portfolio Website   Blogs Week 2- Point, Line, Plane Week 3- The Golden Ratio, Gestalt […]

Internet History

The Origins of the Internet The origins of the internet date back to the 1950s during the Cold War. At that time there was ongoing tension around nuclear warfare and the US sought to develop a communication system that could not be affected by a nuclear attack. Computers at that time were very large and […]

Week 6- Human-Centred Design

4 Principles of Human-Centred Design Nick Babich outlines four principles of Human-centred design based on Don Normal’s talk on HCD, see clip below. These principles are focus on the people, find the right problem, think of everything as a system and always validate your design decisions. Focusing on the people means always considering who will […]