IXD301 Hand In

Portfolio Website


Element Project- Escape to Mars

Figma File




Week 1 Content Design and Portfolio Website

Portfolio Inspiration

Portfolio Website Content Audits

Portfolio Research Google Trends and Word Bank

Portfolio Website Site Map

Portfolio Website Content Wireframe


Week 2 Visual Grammar and Language and Typography

Week 2 What is Content? Where does it come from?

Portfolio Website Job Stories

Portfolio Website Wireframes

Portfolio Website Elements Collage


Week 3 Portfolio Website Mock-Up Feedback

Book Review: Layout Essentials by Beth Tondreau


Week 4 Rerun of Building the Web

Portfolio Website Visual Style


Week 5 Responsive Web design

Book Review: Content Strategy for Mobile by Karen McGrane

Building My Portfolio Website on Webflow


Week 6 Promotional Strategy

Promotional Strategy Research

Portfolio Website Promotional Task


Week 7  Portfolio Website Feedback and Review

Elements Project Organising Periodic Table Data

Elements Project Mind Map and Desktop Research

Elements Project Museum Exhibition


Week 8 Content Strategy, Design and User Personas

Elements Project Competitive Analysis

Elements Project Interview Questions Preparation

How to Design for Children

Tagging Taxonomy

Interviews and tagging taxonomy

Elements Project User Personas and Scenarios


Week 9 Usability Testing

Elements Project Wireframes

Elements Project Problems and Solutions

Elements Project Branding

Elements Project Visual Style

Elements Project Mock-up and Early Prototype

Elements Project Usability Testing

Elements Project User Flow


Week 10 The Art of the Pitch

Presentation Development and Final Outcome

Elements Project Music and Multiplayer Features

Elements Project Feedback and Final Results


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