IXD103 Pizzeria Branding Exercise

The Hearty Slice The Pizzerias personality is friendly, quirky, humorous and diverse. A USP is that it sells slices from their take out window which makes the pizzeria particularly popular for lunch with those working locally and students. The Hearty slice has 3 fun, relaxed and quirky venues generating a good crowd in the evenings […]

IXD104 Travel App Icons

Sketches Once I decided what icons to include in my navigation after having complete my artist research I created the above sketches of possible outcomes for my icons. As I continued planning and developing my app further icons were needed such as badges and exports which were then added to the above. I found producing […]

IXD103 Creating a Visual Marque

Research I began my research by looking at visual marques used by other designers and my top outcome was the astronaut shown at the top right of the above Pinterest board and used a visual marque by Luke Wroblewski. As Wroblewski is a leader in the field of UX design this outcome particularly caught my […]

IXD104 Week 4- Illustrating Interfaces

What I took away from our lecture on illustrating interfaces is just how important effective illustrations and visuals can be as it makes information more easily digestible and appealing to view. There are also different approaches and styles of interfaces design that may help users to engage with the UI. Minimalism is a great way […]

IXD104 Travel App Illustration Development

Tatooine illustration https://www.pinterest.co.uk/rachelmd46/travel-app-star-wars/ Before beginning my illustrations I created a Pinterest board of illustrations and app UI’s that grabbed my attention (see link above) and researched a number of visual artists including Victor Mosquera and Olly Moss. For my illustration of Tatooine, I wanted to create an outcome of the well-recognised scene of Jabba’s palace […]

IXD104 App Research

When considering the navigation of my app and designing my user interface I referred to a number of apps that I felt captured some of the key components in my App; space and travel. I have therefore researched and reviewed the Nasa, Google Earth and Airbnb apps to get a better understanding of how the […]

IXD104 Week 3- Hand to Mouse and City illustration

Martin O’Neill Martin O’Neill describes himself as a London born Irish bred graphic artist and illustrator. O’Neill creates mixed media collages for clients within publishing advertising, design, film and interiors. He does this through a blend of collage, silkscreen, photography, paint, and digital techniques. An example of this can be seen in Plato Aristotle Excellence […]