IXD301 Week 7 Portfolio Website Feedback and Review

Final website outcome

Overall I am very pleased with the final outcome of my portfolio website. During a feedback session, it was advised that I left align my section text in my Case Studies. I have since made this amendment and am happy that I have increased the readability of my Case Study pages.

During my interviews, I followed the advice of the Norman Nielson Group and asked for feedback from the interviews. All feedback was really positive with an emphasis on the unique and memorable nature of my Star Wars travel app. The only constructive criticism received was that this case study did not include usability testing. As usability testing is something that I have now covered this is something that can be easily rectified. It was also advised that I show a little more of my research process throughout my case study, this is something I opted to include in links to blog posts at the end and gave a brief overview of, in my actual case study.

Moving forward I think perhaps listing out research techniques in case studies and highlighting them more clearly could be an effective addition to my portfolio. I also plan to include a Lab section with experimental work. This is content that I am still building up and plan to add to my portfolio website when ready.

View final outcome at rachelsdesignlab.com

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