IXD301 Portfolio Website Promotional Task

The promotional task set for this week was to create a series of promotional stories and a promotional post for Instagram.

The primary focus was to tell the story of our work. It was advised that a good place to start could be our portfolios. I decided to move forward with this as I have posted about other projects so I can use the material I make when I have finished my updated portfolio stories and post for this task.

Image of Instagram stories

I decided to begin with my story. I wanted to create a series of Instagram posts that would show my process in good detail. As Instagram is a very visual medium I selected parts of my process that are slightly more visually pleasing.

To begin with, I created a post featuring an image of my old portfolio website and included text stating, time for an update. I feel this was effective in two ways. Firstly it lets my followers know what project I’m working on and secondly it builds curiosity on what improvements will be made. I followed this up with an image of a miro board with post-its displaying a number of user and job stories I created for the project. This I felt was more visually appealing than including an image of a content analysis however it was still effective in displaying some of my research process. I also included a which do you prefer, question while this is like a selection made on the basis of the product I still think there is the possibility of designers having a preference.

I then moved to wireframing showing the iterative phase of the project. I also included a pin drop so that followers can see where I’m based and that I sometimes like to work outside of a home office environment. I followed this up with an image of my laptop and mock-ups I had created in Figma. I wanted to keep these quite small as I didn’t want to reveal the full website at this stage. I then finished with a screenshot of my portfolio website on mobile view and a link to encourage my followers to check it out.

Overall I am quite pleased with this series of stories as I feel it shows the story of my process well and encourages people that are on my Instagram to visit my portfolio website and find out more about me. My hope would be that future employers/ clients would see this content and as a result of my process and outcomes go to my portfolio website and hire me.

Instagram post backgrounds Instagram post final outcomes

For my Instagram post, I just wanted to focus on the final outcome. I began by considering what colours to use for my background and then made a series of images I would include in my post including the opening desktop screen, before and after of a case study, home page view on different devices and my colour palette and typography choices. This should display my considerations on responsive design, visual style and how I have improved on my previous design. I am pleased with these outcomes as I believe they are engaging and demonstrate my abilities and processes as a designer.

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