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IXD302 Hand In

CV and Cover Letter rachel-donaldson-cover-letter-blog   Project Proposal and Invoice Project Proposal Invoice   Investor Pitch SpareChange   Blogs Week 1 Intro to Creative Entrepreneurship¬† Local and global companies that represent great design work   Week 2 Applying for Jobs CV Research CV Research Grid Structure Writing content for my CV CV Wireframing   […]

IXD301 Hand In

Portfolio Website Element Project- Escape to Mars Figma File Prototype Blogs   Week 1 Content Design and Portfolio Website Portfolio Inspiration Portfolio Website Content Audits Portfolio Research Google Trends and Word Bank Portfolio Website Site Map Portfolio Website Content Wireframe   Week 2 Visual Grammar and Language and Typography Week 2 What is Content? […]

IXD302 Week 11 Intellectual Property

What is intellectual property? Intellectual property refers to¬†creations of the mind, such as inventions; literary and artistic works; designs; and symbols, names and images used in commerce. It can therefore be very important to protect your intellectual property as having the right type of protection helps to prevent people from stealing or copying this form […]

IXD301 Week 10 The Art of the Pitch

Once again the importance of storytelling is highlighted as we looked at the art of the pitch this week. This is hardly surprising as storytelling is a foundational element of communication therefore it is unsurprising that is an important element of an effective pitch. It’s important to tell a good story when presenting anything as […]