IXD302 Co-Founders by Catalyst

This week we received a talk about Co-Founders an entrepreneurship programme. Co-Founders is a start-up programme that helps candidates to build teams and develop a product that customers really want. The programme is aimed at people with ideas for products and services that have high growth potential. There are generally three different types of applicants: […]

IXD302 Investor Pitch Research

I have identified the below problem. Problem: The homeless are now losing their only source of income as our society goes moves towards more cashless transactions. I now need to verify through research that this is a problem that others have noted and is having a large impact on the homeless. Cashless society and its […]

IXD301 Elements Project Wireframes

Initial Sketches and early usability testing It’s getting hard to breathe task Put out the fire task During my initial idea phase of the project, I created the above sketches demonstrating two tasks I wanted to include in my app. I used these sketches in some early usability testing in my user interviews. This provided […]