IXD102 Hand-in

Final Project Pieces

Project 1- Type Specimen for Screen

Project 2- Design History Presentation

Project 3- Design History Web Essay


Supporting Blogs

Blog 1- Type Specimen for Screen

Blog 2- Design History Presentation

Blog 3- Design History Web Essay



Gutenberg and Beyond

A Century of Change

Revolution and the Bauhaus

WWII and Modernism in the US

International Typographic Style


Internet History


Pocket Profiles

Pocket Profiles: Wilson Minor and The Social Dilemma

Pocket Profiles: Jakob Nielsen and Tim Brown

Pocket Profiles: Una Kravets and Sara Soueidan

Pocket Profiles: Abstract, Paula Scher and Ian Spalter

Pocket Profiles: Giorgia Lupi and UsTwo

Pocket Profiles: Studio Dunbar and Feld Studio

Pocket Profiles: Offset Dublin, Aaron Duffy and Lance Wyman

Pocket Profiles: Sir Tim Berners-Lee


GitHub Repository



Dyslexia Sticker

Electronic SPLD Sticker

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