IXD302 Hand In

CV and Cover Letter




Project Proposal and Invoice

Project Proposal



Investor Pitch




Week 1 Intro to Creative Entrepreneurship 

Local and global companies that represent great design work


Week 2 Applying for Jobs

CV Research

CV Research Grid Structure

Writing content for my CV

CV Wireframing


Week 3 Studio Etiquette

Email Task

Expanding on Etiquette


Week 4 Interview Skills

Cover letter

CV Development and Final Outcome

Design Task Preparation 

Interview Preparation 


Week 5 Project Proposal Research

Crafting a Design Proposal


Week 6 Business of Design

Hill Street Proposal Research

Project Proposal Design Inspirations

Project Proposal Written Content


Week 7 What kind of Designer?

Project Proposal Wireframes

Project Proposal Development and Final Outcome

Invoice Research

Invoice Development and Final Result


Week 8 Idea Generation

Investor Pitch Idea Generation and SWOT Analysis


Week 9 Pitching and Presenting

Investor Pitch Branding

Investor Pitch Examples and Inspiration


Week 10 Proof of Concept & Initial Research

Investor Pitch Research

Investor Pitch Giving Survey

Co-Founders by Catalyst


Week 11 Intellectual Property

Investor Pitch Content Plan

Investor Pitch Wireframes

Investor Pitch Development and Final Outcome


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