IXD302 Week 3 Email Task

6 email scenarios


This week we were asked to choose a selection from the above topics and draft an email to help us with emailing in different circumstances. I though this would be a really helpful exercise and have drafted up emails for each.

1. To a manager keeping them up to date on projects progression

Subject: IXD301 project update

Hi John,

Hope you’re keeping well.

I’m getting in touch with an update on my progress for IXD301 so far:

  • Lecture blogs up to date
  • Content audit on current portfolio website is complete and actions verified
  • Inspiration research is still ongoing
  • User stories and job stories are complete
  • A site map has been made
  • Content wireframes, wireframes and an elements collage have been completed

I’m now moving on to creating HD mock-ups on Figma and will have them finished by close of play tomorrow.

If you want any more detail on the above just let me know and I’ll get that across.




2. To a client requesting content that is past due and necessary to progress

Subject: Follow up on content

Hi Ann,

Hope you’re keeping well.

I’m dropping you an email to see how you’re getting on with content for your new website.

I have some pretty exciting ideas about how we can push this project forward so if you could send that across when you can that will help to keep the ball rolling.

If you’re having any issues just drop me an email. I look forward to hearing from you.

Best wishes,



3. To a client who has requested information or files, months/years from you after a job.

Subject: Re: Project x file request

Hi Andrew,

So great to hear from you again! I’m doing good, hope all is well with you.

I’ve attached all of the requested files I have on my system. I couldn’t allocate file b, I don’t think that’s something I had worked on but I’ve forwarded the request to Angela who may have been the person who dealt with that.

If anything else comes up that you need to be sent over just let me know.

All the best,



4. Sending a link over to a manager/client to view work in progress.

Subject: Figma link to project x wireframes

Hi Mat,

Please see attached Figma link. These are the wireframes I have generated so far. It would be great to have a follow-up call on this so that we can discuss some of the options and nail down the final solutions.

Let me know when suits you best?




5. Asking for clarification on something you didn’t understand from a team member

Subject: Clarification on research request

Hi Jake,

I have a few follow up questions regarding the project discussed in today’s team meeting.

I wasn’t sure what was meant by the research request from Stacey and whether you wanted me to organise interviews or to follow the current process.

Could you clarify?

I really appreciate your help with this.




6. To request an arrange a meeting.

Subject: Meeting Request

Hi Kate,

I have finalised the wireframes and elements collage for the x project. When would suit you to have a meeting to discuss?

I am free tomorrow or Wednesday anytime before 12.




I have found this exercise incredibly helpful in preparing for a variety of email-related scenarios at work. It was great to consider how to ask for clarity on something I didn’t understand when I was not under the pressure of actually finding myself in that circumstance. I can now look back to these examples and consider various approaches to emailing if faced with any of the above circumstances in a work environment.

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