IXD302 Writing content for my CV

I followed the structure presented in our lecture to guide me through what content to include in my CV. This was as follows:

  • Contact details
  • A short bio
  • Skills
  • Work experience
  • Education
  • Awards and Additional Information
  • References

Contact details

In this section, I want to include my name, home address, number, work email (hello@rachelsdignlab.com). I also want to include and highlight my portfolio website address as I really want to direct anyone looking at my CV straight to my portfolio website. Other items I considered including were social media links however I was later advised against this.


A short bio

Attempt 1

I am a driven 28-year-old and am currently completing a BDes in Interaction Design at Ulster University. My background is in Graphic Design and Psychology. I have a keen interest in understanding what motivates people as well as a love for design. I want to combine these areas of interest to produce design outcomes that enhance people’s lives, even in small ways.
I have excellent organisational and bookkeeping skills. I also have strong communication skills and have built my confidence in meet and greet situations. Further to this I am very good at timekeeping and am a conscientious, hard-working individual. I love working as part of a team and enjoy facing new challenges. I also love learning and having the opportunity to develop new skill sets. I have a keen interest in understanding new technologies. I am also passionate about developing better processes in my approach to research and design.
 Attempt 2

I am a driven 28-year-old and am currently completing a BDes in Interaction Design at Ulster University. My background is in Graphic Design and Psychology. I have a keen interest in understanding what motivates people as well as a love for design.

I am very passionate about combining the areas of psychology and design to create better user experiences and intend to pursue this throughout my career. Further to this, I want to learn as much as possible from the people around me. I love working as part of a team and am seeking new challenges that will help me to grow as a designer. I am also interested in developing better processes in my approach to research and design.


In my first attempt, I kept my bio quite general and covered the skills I felt I had picked up from previous employment. As I continued to work on my CV I felt the bio was too long and not particularly memorable. I, therefore, decided to revisit this and focus on the direction I wanted to move my career and my keen interest in psychology. This meant that I wasn’t repeating items that would be addressed in my skill section and that I was giving the hiring manager a clear idea of my interests and what sets me apart from other candidates.



Attempt 1

  • Collaborative Skills
  • Visual Communication
  • Information Architecture
  • Wireframing
  • Mock-ups
  • Qualitative Research
  • Quantitative Research
  • User Research


Attempt 2

  • Critical Thinking
  • HTML & CSS
  • Wireframing
  • Research
  • Interpersonal Skills
  • Communication
  • Collaborative Working
  • Branding
  • Timekeeping
  • Organisation
  • Bookkeeping
  • Problem Solving

In my first list of skills, I didn’t cover a broad enough area as was highlighted in a feedback section. I was getting into too much detail in specific areas such as visual communication and qualitative and quantitative research. It was advised that I stick with communication and research which covered these areas without having to state each. I was then able to consider skills I had developed through other jobs such as timekeeping, organisation and bookkeeping skills. I was also able to consider soft skills such as collaborative working and interpersonal skills that I feel I have developed in the design role I held at Methodical Media.


Work experience

At Methodical Media, I worked as part of a small team creating websites and generating email and social media marketing campaigns. My primary role was to create mock-ups and assets for websites. Assets included PDFs, icons, images and animated videos. I also had the opportunity to carry out research and provide input into wireframes. Extra tasks included generating newsletter email templates and creating images for Facebook advertisements. Smaller clients also afforded me the opportunity to develop logos and branded material.
Additionally, I worked alongside the team in the development of Networkit. The Networkit portal is a digital product. It’s aimed at providing blogs and other online resources for network marketers. On this project, I worked collaboratively with the company’s content writer, marketing and sales personnel and web developer. I carried out branding for the product and contributed to the design and user flow of the portal. I also produced design outcomes for Networkit’s digital business card assets.
Software used:
Adobe creative suite, Webflow, Vyond, Microsoft Office, Active campaign, Hubspot and Monday.
In this role, I worked as part of an accounts team in a steel fabrication factory. As an administrative assistant, I logged timesheets, created purchase orders and organised travel. The role occasionally included reception duties. I dealt with all administrative elements relating to pipeline projects. This required me to generate job specific timesheets. I also worked with the company’s commercial manager in keeping record of pipe and weld ID numbers. Additionally, I authorised the pay for all pipeline welders, labourers and agency workers.
In this role, I worked alongside a team to promote the learning and development of children aged 2-4 years. The role required me to organise and lead out in activities with children. I also monitored and recorded child behaviour and development. This was vital in safeguarding the children. It was also important in producing a consistent flow of communication with parents. I found the role greatly rewarding. It was also helpful in the development of my observational and communication skills.

For my job roles, I took the time to go through each and state some of the most important skills I gained from each role. I was also careful to use an active voice as much as possible throughout and used the Hemingway text editor to check this. I also included the software programmes I used in my design role as I felt these would be relevant for an employer wanting to know what programmes I am already trained in.



BDes Hons Interaction Design (year 2)

Ulster University- Belfast campus


HND Art and Design- Graphic Design Pathway

Southern Regional College- Lurgan campus


MSc Applied Psychology

Ulster University- Magee campus


BSc Psychology

Ulster University- Magee campus

Second class honours upper division


As I previously studied at a degree level before deciding to move my focus to design and return to University I have, therefore, only included a relevant HND and my degrees in the education portion of my CV as listing A levels would have taken up too much room. My A levels can be found on my LinkedIn profile which should hopefully mean that that portion of my Education has still been covered.

Awards and Additional Information


Chrysalis Women’s Centre


During my Applied Psychology Masters, I completed a 6-month placement working in the community and delivering counselling services to women suffering from low-level anxiety and depression.


Education and Training RFQ

BMAC Training

Highfield Level 3 Award


While I have not received any awards that I wanted to include I did however feel that the voluntary work I did at Chrysalis Women’s Centre was relevant as it demonstrates my desire to help people which relates to my user-centred approach as a designer. I also wanted to include my Education and Training RFQ as it allows me to carry out training and was helpful in improving my presentation skills.


For my references, I have included two previous employers. While it was advised that using a previous client could be a great approach I was concerned about bothering past clients and felt that current clients may not have had a long enough working relationship with me to feel comfortable being included as a Reference.


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