Portfolio Website

Wireframe While we were provided with the general structure of our portfolio website I thought it would be good practice to wireframe out my website with my own assets including the manifesto I created which will sit in the hero section of the website and the rhythm and lyrics section which I now intend to […]


Where it began Postmodernism is said to have begun with the demolishing of the Pruitt-Igoe housing blocks in St Louis Missouri, see below. A building that was designed with a modernist style built to capture as much sunlight as possible and with various similar consideration to maximise the space. However, what was not considered were […]

International Typographic Style

The International Typographic Style also known as the Swiss Style emerged in Switzerland in the 1950s. Its object was to produce design that was content-focused similar to the modernist view that form follows function. Closely linked with the Swiss Style is the typeface Helvetica designed in 1957.   The Helvetica documentary film In the Helvetica […]

WWII and Modernism in the US

Modernism in the US partially began as a result of Adolf Hitler’s view on modern artist’s, designers, architects and so on as being degenerates braking from the traditional and nationalist values instilled by his right-wing political ethos and as a result, they had to flee the country many immigrating to the US in the 1930s […]

Revolution and the Bauhaus

De Stijl De Stijl otherwise known as “The Style” is a Dutch art movement founded of 1917 as a response to individualism and national egotism that was felt to be the cause of the war favouring a minimal, geometric abstract style unidentifiable to any country or individual. Founding members include Theo van Doesburg and Piet […]

Web Typography

Font Pairing Ruth Hamilton in her article 36 perfect font pairings proposes 3 tips for effectively pairings: Use font superfamilies, Pair contrasting typefaces and Pair type sub-categories. Use font superfamilies The term ‘super-family’ is used to describes a font with a variety of styles, weights and classifications designed to work together. An example of this […]

Markdown, HTML5 and CSS

Markdown Following week five’s brief introduction to markdown, I looked at some resources including daringfireball.net and a brief linked in learning video on markdown basics. The website daringfireball.net was great for getting to grips with the basic rules of markdown and had some very cool features e.g. a markdown page is provided of the main […]