Assessment 2 – Cute Character

Research  To start this assessment, I looked into different characters I found cute from TV shows, movies and games. I also looked on the internet to see what other artists had created. Here is the mood board I made. I really liked the food themed characters as well as the astronaut.    Concepting  After looking at my mood board I started to make someContinue reading Assessment 2 – Cute Character

Week 8 – Blocking out your Characters

Class In class we were tasked with completing two tasks, to start with was how to add in the Model with Speed Plugin, this plugin allows you to symmetry while using the metaball feature.  Shiba Dog The first video discussed how to block out a Shiba, to start I added in the reference and positioned a metaball in the middle of the body of the dog. I continue to add metaballs to the body till I gotContinue reading Week 8 – Blocking out your Characters

Week 7 – Organic Modeling Intro

On Monday we were tasked with watching 7 videos explaining the basics of Blender and how to navigate the interface, I found these videos helpful as I have never used Blender before. After watching the videos, I realised that Blender is similar to Maya in the way you move around the 3D space and the amount of menus.    Class In class weContinue reading Week 7 – Organic Modeling Intro

Week 4 – Texturing

Class This week in class we were tasked to watch 3 videos about Substance Painter. The first video talked about the basics of the software and how to apply colours and textures to a model. We were told to experiment by adding textures and colours to the model, this was a very fun task to complete as we got to be creative with the textures and effects.Continue reading Week 4 – Texturing

Week 2 – Table

Class In class we learned looked at the modeling pipeline this involved the importance of references, how to break objects into simple shapes and the importance of modeling in phases.   Homework Bottom of the leg This week for homework the class were tasked with 3D modeling a table. Here is the reference:   I started with modeling the legs; the legs lookedContinue reading Week 2 – Table

Week 1 – Vase

Before the semester started, I watched some videos about the basics of the Maya interface that were provided to me. These were immensely helpful as I felt very overwhelmed when I first opened Maya.  essential-training/create-high-quality-3d-models-and-animations-with-maya?u=35574164  Class Week one of semester two, I was nervous about this topic as I have never 3D modeled in Maya before and I was quite intimidated by the interfaceContinue reading Week 1 – Vase