Week 9 – Animation and Secondary Action

Animatic This week I created an animatic using my storyboards, this helped me figure out the timing of my animation and see if all the shots worked well together. I really like how this looks, the timing looks right and the actions are clear, however I think the scenes where she is striking a poseContinue reading Week 9 – Animation and Secondary Action

Week 8 – Storyboard & Animating with Forms

Flour Sack This week I animated a flour sack jumping into the air and landing, I tried to animate using the pose to pose method. This task was fun to do and really helped me to understand the pose to pose method of animating. Here is the animation I think the animation turned out reallyContinue reading Week 8 – Storyboard & Animating with Forms

Week 7 – Animation Introduction

This week we started animating, we were tasked with animating three balls of different weights bouncing. I started by referencing different YouTube videos of people dropping balls and them bouncing, after studying my references I started to animate. The three balls I chose were a bowling ball, a tennis ball and a ping pong ball.Continue reading Week 7 – Animation Introduction