IXD103 How businesses form emotional relationships with customers

For this exercise, I have selected 3 brands I both love and respect: Nike, Apple and Coca Cola.


Nike promotional image

I love Nike’s slogan “Just do it” and its tick has become iconic and generally considered to be one of the greats feats of branding. The positive reinforcement of the brand as well as the presentation of quality and the energetic feel that goes hand in with sports clothing and equipment works perfectly to encourage the development of emotional relationships with its customers. To me, this brand presents itself as adding a no-nonsense, let’s get going, dedicated athlete identity to its owner.


Apple promo

Apple has branded itself to be one of the top, most innovative tech companies in the world. This has been reinforced by the brand’s use of minimalism and precision in every relating to the brand. An approach lead by Steve Jobs. It has developed a relationship with its customers by telling them when they buy apple products their getting something special and exciting and the products themselves don’t disappoint with incredible feats of technology being engineered by apple including the Mac, iPod, iPhone and iPad.


Coca Cola image

In my opinion, Coca-Cola is one of the leading brands in developing relationships with customers from rebranding Santa Clause and changing his suit from green to red to starting the Oscars to encourage people to come to the cinema. Coca-cola has used slogans such as, “taste the feeling” and “open the happiness” and has even personalised their cans with peoples names. This has led people to associate coca-cola with holidays and watching films. The added names to packaging also encourages customers to feel ownership of the brand.

What have I learnt?

  • It’s really interesting to consider how brands incorporate a marketing approach and branding to encourage emotional relationships from their customers and how effective this can be.

How can I apply this to my work in future?

  • By reviewing how large companies such as the above have been able to promote their brands and influences their customers I can use the approaches in order to help me promote my own brand or brands I’m working on e.g. adding personalised names to my companies branded items.

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