IXD103 Monogram Development and Final Choices

Digital Exploration


Monogram developmentMonogram development

Monogram development Monogram development- digital outcomes

I continued to explore digital outcomes drawing inspiration from my research and experimenting with form by combining letterforms, repeating letterforms and adding 3D elements.


3 Final OutcomesFinal Outcome

Before selecting the final outcome for my monogram I developed my wordmark. I then placed it along with my 3 favourite outcomes. It was really helpful getting feedback from my class and Tudors on this point as I believe I can get caught up in process of attempting to make something work and fall for that outcome which does not always end up being the strongest. Of the above three outcomes, I felt that the first was interesting however perhaps not unique enough, I felt the second was unique and was drawn to it as it subtly includes both letters in one however I was unsure of whether it worked with the theme of a lab and I thought the third worked best with the wordmark, however, I did not feel it was memorable enough.  After receiving feedback and stepping back from the work and returning to it I found the third outcome to be the very clear winner with its clean and simple aesthetic and clever combination of the two letters and flexibility for animation.


Possible 5th element

Pattern made from components in used in the 3rd monogram outcome

As I was developing the above outcomes I also found myself developing a pattern of shapes that may have the potential to work as a 5th element shown above. The shapes seen above are reflected in my monogram and wordmark and therefore the inclusion of the above pattern could work as an extension of my brand.


What have I learnt?

  • It is important to get feedback from others particularly those with a knowledge of the area the branding is for along with feedback from other designers.
  • It can be helpful to step back from a project and work on something else for a while and return to it, in order to see it with fresh eyes.
  • It’s helpful to select at least 3 favourite outcomes to choose from in order to avoid missing a strong outcome or potentially an outcome the client will prefer.

How can I apply this to my work in future?

  • I must remember to prioritise showing multiple options and keep my mind open to feedback
  • It is helpful to bring components together in order to aid decision-making therefore this is something I intend to continue to do as I progress as a designer.

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