My Brand – Development Process

Below are links to previous blog post that I hope will give you a good insight into my design process when developing my brand as part of my course in first year of Interaction Design. My process is by no means perfect just yet but I hope to grow, learn and improve as I progress through my course and in placement next year.

  1. Content Audit Exercise (Research)
  2.  Values and Initial Bio
  3.  Turning Geometric Shapes Into Letterforms
  4. Monogram Moodboard and Initial Sketches
  5. Digitising My Monogram
  6. Wordmark
  7. Brand Colours
  8. Visual Marque
  9. Business Card
  10. Additional Touchpoint
  11. Brand Guidelines Research Task
  12. Brand Guidelines
  13. Applying My Brand To A Portfolio Site 


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