IXD103: Choosing my Brand Colours

Initial Thoughts

I love working with colour. Experimenting with different colour combinations and exploring how different combinations can evoke different kinds of emotions and energies is something I really enjoy doing. That is why being ‘colourfu’l is one of my key brand values.

I have a particular interest in bright, bold colours as I find implementing them always increases the impact of my work, almost commanding your eyes to them. This means people are more likely to engage with whatever I create. As well as that, I want my work to make people feel happy and energised. I think utilising bright colours is a great way to do that. That’s why I want my brand colours to be bright and bold.

‘Adaptable’ is another one of my values so I also knew that I wanted to come up with a palette where I would have a few different colour variations of my logo. This is so I can show the versatility of my brand and how easily adaptable I am to fit different contexts. I’m going to start out with 4 for now but I may decide to expand that range later.



I first wanted to play around with colours to see if anything worked. I did this by making colour palettes based of of art that I liked from Pinterest.


This gave me some ideas of approaches I could take to colour combinations. I discovered that the word mark and outlines don’t need to be black/grey. As long as there is good enough contrast with the other colours and complements them well, it can actually create something very visually appealing.


Choosing My Colours

When Trying to come up with a colour palette that would fit my brand really well, I thought back to my 9 iterations project for ixd101.

The colour palette I came up with for this project is bright, bold, colourful and fun so I think using these as my brand colours would make a lot of sense.

I then had to pick out my colour pairings for my monogram. I decided that my default colours would be L in pink and F in orange.  I think these colours symbolise imagination, intuition, caring, femininity, friendliness, cheerfulness and confidence. All these attributes fit with my brand but the main reasons I chose pink and orange is because pink is my favourite colour and the F is always in the colour orange when I see it in my head.

I decided that instead of just 4 four variants, have each of those have a variant with one of the colours as the outline and word mark colour and have the other on the inside. This is based on what I discovered from my earlier colour explorations. I had to make the inner colour lighter for each so that there would be enough contrast.

Here is the default for my monogram and visual mark:

For the visual mark I still need to pick the right combinations for each variant but this gives you an idea of how I’m going about it. Having a combination of 6 colours in the tail and fin as opposed just 2 like my monogram. I’m not sure what I’m doing yet for the, what I’m gonna call ‘pastel’ variants but I’ll figure it out.  Anyway this what I’ve decided on for colour so far and I’m pretty happy with what I’ve come up with.

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