IXD104: Initial Infographic concept

Before sketching ideas I did a some research on infographics and data visualisation which included looking on Pinterest and creating a board full of inspiration and examples: https://www.pinterest.ie/laurabfoy/infographic-inspo/ I then brain stormed topic ideas. I put a star next to the topics that interested me the most in that I could immediately envision a concept for…Continue Reading IXD104: Initial Infographic concept

IXD103 Week 9: Lecture Reflection

Portfolio Sites One of our deliverables for this module is to design a portfolio website and so since we’ve covered all the other deliverables, this lecture was all about designing a portfolio site. We first looked at the assessment criteria including how this portfolio site should display an understanding of personal brand identity and how…Continue Reading IXD103 Week 9: Lecture Reflection

IXD103 Week 8: Interface Inventory task

For this task I put together and interface inventory for the clothing brand Monki. put it together on illustrator by taking a bunch of screenshots of the website and then cropping them and compiling all the interactive elements together. Overall I’d say that Monki and pretty consistent. The area with the most variation is colourbut…Continue Reading IXD103 Week 8: Interface Inventory task

IXD103 Week 8: Lecture Reflection

Style Guidelines In this week’s lecture was kind of a continuation of last week’s on brand guidelines although, this time it was all about style guides  and what they can consist of. We first looked at style guides and pattern libraries, what they are, what they should consist of and things to consider when compiling them….Continue Reading IXD103 Week 8: Lecture Reflection

IXD103: Visual Marque Development

One of the tasks from Week 6’s lecture was to explore and sketch out a range of was to express my brand values visually. I came up with a few different concepts, some better than others.    There was one idea that almost immediately popped into my head when considering my values. This was a…Continue Reading IXD103: Visual Marque Development

IXD103: Choosing my Brand Colours

Initial Thoughts I love working with colour. Experimenting with different colour combinations and exploring how different combinations can evoke different kinds of emotions and energies is something I really enjoy doing. That is why being ‘colourfu’l is one of my key brand values. I have a particular interest in bright, bold colours as I find…Continue Reading IXD103: Choosing my Brand Colours