IXD104 : Final Submission + Reflection

Travel App finished screens pdf   Infographic Infographic pdf Final Reflection Brief note on my Travel App and Infographic: My Travel App “GLOBAL GRUB” is an app for young adults like myself who like to travel and plan trips around trying new and delicious food. A lot of the functionality of the app, like finding…Continue Reading IXD104 : Final Submission + Reflection

IXD103 : Final Submission + Reflection

Brand Guidelines Brand Guidelines   Portfolio Website Coded Homepage Full Prototype   Final Reflection It was in week one that I was encouraged to consider and articulate who I am as a designer, and what my core values are when it come to design. The values I settled on were to always aim to be…Continue Reading IXD103 : Final Submission + Reflection

IXD103 : Portfolio Website Development From Start To Finish

Research In week 9 we looked at portfolio sites and I learned a lot about why they are great to have as well as the approach I should take  and things to consider when designing my own. You can see my reflection on that lecture here. This lecture gave me a good grounding but I…Continue Reading IXD103 : Portfolio Website Development From Start To Finish

IXD104: Initial Infographic concept

Before sketching ideas I did a some research on infographics and data visualisation which included looking on Pinterest and creating a board full of inspiration and examples: https://www.pinterest.ie/laurabfoy/infographic-inspo/ I then brain stormed topic ideas. I put a star next to the topics that interested me the most in that I could immediately envision a concept for…Continue Reading IXD104: Initial Infographic concept

IXD103 : Developing My Brand Guidelines

Research I learned a lot about brand guidelines and what they should consist of in Week 7’s lecture on them which I wrote about here. I also got a good sense of how to compile them for that week’s task where I tried compiling guidelines for Nintendo. You can find that here. I still felt…Continue Reading IXD103 : Developing My Brand Guidelines

IXD1O4 Week 10: Lecture Reflection

This week we looked at the art of information and utilising data for creative purposes. We looked at Brendan Dawes, eCloud, the concept of big data, Jer Thorp, Aaron Koblin, Janet Echelman and Chris Jordan among other things.   I enjoyed this lecture as I got to see a range of example of data being…Continue Reading IXD1O4 Week 10: Lecture Reflection

IXD103 Week 10: Additional Touchpoint Task

During this week’s lecture on going beyond the brand we were given the task of designing an additional touchpoint fr our personal brands. This could have been anything from an animated logo and NFTs to branded merch and desktop backgrounds. Since I love using fashion as a form of self expression and having the items…Continue Reading IXD103 Week 10: Additional Touchpoint Task